mobile photography – lincoln on a foggy afternoon

lincoln castle square
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Recently many of my iPhone photography tutorials have been based around creating a foggy atmosphere. Finally, the fog arrived in Lincoln and I could take advantage of the atmosphere it automatically creates.

As always the fog was elusive. Around my house there was little to be seen and even a walk to the normally reliable West Common proved fruitless. Lincoln has two distinct areas ‘uphill’ and ‘downhill.’ I live downhill. On my way in to town I noticed the view of our mighty Cathedral at the top of the hill was almost completely obscured. I was dubious but I headed uphill anyway. There was fog but it only really got interesting when the light started to fade. These images were captured in quite poor light, some using my Olloclip wide angle lens for the first time.


Collection : Lincoln on a foggy afternoon

foggy lincoln cathedral from bishops palace

{ foggy lincoln cathedral from bishops palace gardens }





{ basketball }


lincoln cathedral ghost

{ lincoln cathedral hiding in the fog }


lincoln castle square

{ castle hill club }


I was really happy to see my iPhoneography image ‘Castle Hill Club’ featured by both iPhoneography Central and Mobiography. It is an atmospheric street scene captured in foggy low light conditions in the ancient historic area of my home city of Lincoln.

There is an alternative version of the image on my VSCOcam VSCO grid. That can be viewed here.

iPhoneography Central

Really honoured that my image ‘Castle Hill Club’ has been featured by @iphoneographyC thank you!

See the feature together with other featured images at iPhoneography Central.

This week’s Apps Uncovered includes a fabulous variety of images and styles, from street photography to landscape and the surreal to the highly realistic. Vadim’s (smuta2006) compelling image of the aftermath of revolution in the streets of Kiev leads off this week’s Apps Uncovered with a striking image of a lone red flower, left behind on the barricades (with Ukrainian flags highlighted to retain their color). Contributors this week include newcomers Boris Schultz, Ann MK, Martin Schiele, Diana Nicholette Jeon, Dale Smith and Manuele Sangalli as well as returnees Jack Webb, Skip (Skipology), David DeNagel, Anne Highfield, Stephanie Roberts, Susan Tuttle (check out her course on iPhone self-portraits) and Geri Centonze.

Bob Weil ~ iphoneographycentral



Really honoured that my image ‘Castle Hill Club’ has been featured by @mobiography thank you!

See the feature together with other featured images at mobiography.

This weeks selection of mobile photography from the Flickr Group includes another selection of mobile photography which ranges from a dark hipstamatic street scene from Albion Harrison-Naish to a haunting, atmospheric foggy, black and white shot by Paul Brown. Other featured artists and photographers include Cecily Mariece Caceu, Geri Centonze, Montse Abad, Shel Serkin and Michał Koralewski. A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this weeks Flickr Group, keep them coming. Its great to see all the great work being producing with mobile phone cameras.

Andy Butler ~ Mobiography



horses - feeding time

{ horses – feeding time }


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  1. Another great post Skip. Love these images.

  2. rosaleen says:

    congrats paul! u r so fortunate to live in such an ancient city. my total fav subjects including the history behind each bdg etc. we dont have many of them here and those few are babies comparing to yours. i enjoyed looking at yr pix of old lincoln. tnx for sharing. need to win lotto for another long visit to the uk. hipstamatic or vsco cam ? cheers

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