iPhoneography { sunday morning fossdyke path }

fossdyke canal
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iPhoneography images from a 60 minute stroll.

We had what felt like an unseasonably warm morning today after a real cold spell. Feeling a bit tender after a good night out I went for a stroll with family along Lincoln Fossdyke Canal. This iPhoneography series is captured via Hipstamatic with the Tinto 1848 Lens and AO BW Film. Some post processing to adjust levels and introduce grain.

“Sharpness is a bourgeois concept” Henri Cartier-Bresson


Collection : Sunday morning fossdyke path

Note: If the images are too large please click on them to see them in lightbox view resized to suit screen resolution.

gone fishing

{ gone fishing }





{ boat }



{ biking }



{ swans }


fossdyke canal

{ fossdyke }



{ generations }


The Foss Dyke, or Fossdyke, connects the River Trent at Torksey to Lincoln, and may be the oldest canal in England that is still in use. It is usually thought to have been built around 120 AD by the Romans. It was refurbished in 1121, during the reign of King Henry I, and responsibility for its maintenance was transferred to the city of Lincoln by King James I. Improvements made in 1671 included a navigable sluice or lock at Torksey, and warehousing and wharves were built at Brayford Pool in the centre of Lincoln.

iPhoneography images captured on Hipstamatic and edited in PS Express, Pro HDR and Snapseed.

Shortlink: http://su.pr/30xc6F

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