iPhoneography { InstaChimps Exhibition 2013 }

Green Man
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‘InstaChimps’ mobile photography group was originally formed a couple of years ago as an offshoot to a thriving Lincolnshire based photography group now known as ‘Shutter Imps’. We had our first exhibition at Lincoln Library and The Angel Coffee Shop last year and today sees the opening of our second annual exhibition. I am honored to be a managing member of the Group.

These are the 10 images I am exhibiting this year. They look much better in print so if you are in Lincoln between 2nd September 2013 – 13th September 2013 please call in to Lincoln Central Library and have a look around.

Below the images there is more information about InstaChimps together with links to works exhibited by other members of the Group.


View as a Flipboard Magazine instead:

Skipology iPhoneography | InstaChimps Exhibition 2013

Skipology iPhoneography | InstaChimps Exhibition 2013


Exhibition : InstaChimps Exhibition 2013

Note: If the images are too large please click on them to see them in lightbox view resized to suit screen resolution.

Wild Things

{ wild things }




Dancing On Lincoln High Street

{ dancing on lincoln high street }


I was really honoured that my iPhoneography image ‘Dancing on Lincoln High Street’ was featured by mobiography.net in their August edition of ‘Capturing the Moment.’ Thank you!

See more of Capturing the Moment from August 2013 at Capturing the Moment.

This weeks showcase features another fantastic selection of photography from the Mobiography Flickr Group. It is truly amazing to see such high quality photographic work being consistently put out there by the mobile community. This weeks feature includes work from Veevs3, Alon Goldsmith, Paul Brown, Patty Larson and Mohsen Chinehkesh.

Andy Butler

This image is probably yet more proof that my iPhone is more an iCamera to me. My iPhone5 was in to be repaired and I was temporarily without a connected iPhone but still couldn’t wander the streets without a camera. This image was captured on my previous iPhone4 which is still loaded with apps and has wifi capability. I think I would have been lost without it even for a few days.

It’s an image of 2 people who decided to have a spontaneous dance to the music of the band in the background. I just happened to be wandering through the area at the right time and because this isn’t a very typical scene for me to stumble across I was really delighted. The only issue really is that I was in the wrong place. I grabbed a couple from a less than perfect spot and then fortunately managed to get to this position where I could tell the full story by getting both the dancing ladies and the band in the shot before they finished their dance.



Steam Train

{ steam train }



{ dream }



{ memories }



{ geometry }


Walking In Shadows

{ walking in shadows }

Amazing serendipity! I was walking along the street earlier today and recognised this gentleman. I had to go and have a chat with him. His name is Jamie and he is a very friendly gentleman and really pleased to hear that he features in one of my images being exhibited right now. He will be calling to view the exhibition and I have invited him to drop me an email so that I can let him have the image when the Exhibition concludes. Isn’t iPhoneography wonderful!

Skip ~ 9th September 2013


Green Man

{ green man }


Artist At Work

{ artist at work }


Best Friends

{ best friends }


Other exhibition related information:

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About InstaChimps

The group is for Instagram and ‘Smartphoneographers’ based in the UK and beyond.

InstaChimps is a place where like minded people can specifically share Smartphone imagery and ideas. Let’s show off this creative medium off to its full potential!

Its aims:

  • To bring together Smartphoneographers from across the UK and beyond.
  • To share and receive constructive critique on smartphone images.
  • To arrange group events and networking meets.
  • To help promote the Smartphone Square Project (SPS)
  • To share ideas and experiences with like minded individuals.
  • To discuss phones, apps, gadgets and other related technology.

The only rule of the group is that all images posted are shot with a smartphone and edited on either a smartphone or tablet.


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