This textured floral iPhoneography image started life as a test image for an app that went free, Instaflash Pro, and ended up as one of my most popular images on Instagram.

I know Instagram popularity doesn’t always equate to image quality but I do like this image. Having reviewed my most popular Instagram images via Iconosquare, I have no complaints with those that have been most popular on Instagram.

Instaflash Pro

I tested this app at the time it went free, liked it and so shared it on my Facebook page.

I always try to sort the wheat from the chaff, never sharing apps that I’m not happy with.

Imagine Snapseed HDR / Drama / Structure / Ambience. Instaflash Pro achieves similar results but gives more control. Adjustments include shadows, highlights, light EQ, tone EQ, color EQ, split toning, fill and soft light, clarity, vignette, white balance, and more. Settings can be saved as bespoke filters.

This image combines some of my favourite genres. I love decay and whilst many focus on urban decay through the urbex genre, I think nature’s decay is beautiful. For me much of the flora genre surpasses the fireworks of peak season when it gives way to structurally magnificent seed heads. The subject also lends itself beautifully to texture and grunge processing. This makes me very ‘appy.

iPhone photography apps used:

poppy - one of my most popular on instagram

{ poppy }



Process and apps used

ProCamera7 ~ initial capture:

Taking a stroll around my Mum’s garden:

I wanted to get a nice out of focus background (bokeh) and that meant I had to get very close to the subject and focus carefully. The iPhone will only give a narrow depth of field (depth of focus) when focused on close objects due its narrow aperture:

Instaflash Pro ~ playing with lots of the settings I was able to enhance definition, saturation, brightness and contrast for specific areas of the image. There is no trick to this, it is trial and error and subject to taste:

The initial resolution is 3,264 x 2,448:

Handy Photo ~ I wanted to maintain a 1:1 ratio but also felt that the main subject dominated the canvas (for the reasons outlined during capture). A normal crop was therefore not an option. Instead, I went with the magic crop functionality to both extend the canvas and at the same time automatically fill it with cloned material from the image:

The result is an image with a resolution of 3,340 x 3,340 (11.2 megapixels or a 40pct increase on the resolution of the initial capture):

This improves the proportions / framing but at the same time (1) preserves the detail associated with a close near macro shot and, (2) maintains a background bokeh effect:

Handy Photo Magic Crop – Around 2 minutes long including introductions:


Hipstamatic Oggl ~ the image is imported into Hipstamatic Oggl. The Sergio lens and Uchitel 20 film are applied:

Hipstamatic and Oggl generate a wide range of effects depending on the lens and film combination selected. The beauty and fun being that even the same combination can yield slightly random results:

Keeping an eye on resolution, the Oggl version reduces the image to 3,264 x 3,264 but still bigger than an iPhone5 1:1 capture:

Handy Photo ~ selective color filter is applied to the Magic cropped version. Its range is adjusted to fit the colour palette of the poppy seed head and its stalk. Changing the colour palette primarily affects the background and starts the process of giving the image a softer feel:

Image resolution is unaffected at 3,340 x 3,340:

Superimpose ~ the Oggl version is imported as the background and the Handy Photo colour adjusted version imported as the foreground. The images are blended with the ‘transform’ menu under the ‘color’ blend method:

Superimpose treats the background image as the canvas with the foregound image layered over it in any number of ways. The output resolution at this stage is therefore the same as the Oggl version at 3,264 x 3,264:

Mextures ~ the image is imported in to Mextures and a bespoke formula created to add light, texture, emulsion, grain, film and other effects:

This formula is made up of just 3 layers together with a film and adjustments of various levels:

Mextures reduces the image back to iPhone5 standard resolution for a square image which is 2,448 x 2,448:

If you would like to use this formula I have called it ‘Poppy’ and shared it under the code ‘TFNZTPY’.

Superimpose ~ all that remains is for the border to be cleaned up. To achieve this I import the Mextures version as the background and the Oggl version as the foreground:

The frame is masked using one click of the magic wand tool on standard settings and then the mask is inverted:

As normal the output resolution is the same as the background image at 2,448 x 2,448:


Get the iPhoneography apps mentioned in this article

Apps used in this article:

  • ProCamera7 my preferred iPhone camera replacement app offering both JPEG and TIFF formats together with separate focus and exposure points along with many other features

  • Instaflash Pro my first use of the Pro version of this iPhoneography app having grabbed it when it went free. Very impressive and powerful editing app giving fine in a very user friendly environment

  • Handy Photo using the very appropriately named magic crop tool to boost canvas and resolution by 40pct. I also use the selective color tool

  • Oggl used to give the image its canvas and the basis of the vintage appearance. Recommended with its parent app Hipstamatic

  • Superimpose my personal go to app for layers masking and blending processes

  • Mextures adds a combination of textures and overlays in almost limitless combinations. No two textures coming out of Mextures need ever be the same, giving your iPhoneography a unique signature


I hope you enjoyed my iPhone photography floral textured workflow. Great to find a bargain free iPhoneography app, add it to my library and share it with my friends. Please follow my Facebook Page to keep up to date not only on my articles but also on my image a day and deals and updates on the apps I use.



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  2. […] This textured floral iPhoneography image started life as a test image for an app that went free, Instaflash Pro, and ended up as one of my most popular images on Instagram.  […]

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