I have been invited to contribute a few guest articles to the Manfrotto blog focusing on mobile photography.

This article will be updated on a weekly basis to share the articles.


Week One: Mobile Photography and depth of field

Making use of depth of field or depth of focus is one of the great challenges when using a mobile phone for photography. Traditional (D)SLR cameras provide the ability to influence all three elements of the exposure triangle (ISO, aperture and shutter speed). By adopting an aperture priority or fully manual approach it is possible to give a greater weighting to aperture and as a result influence depth of field.

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Week Two: Mobile Photography and tilt shift – correcting perspective distortion

Steam Train

This article isn’t about the miniaturisation interpretation of tilt shift but I wanted to mention it in passing. The phrase tilt-shift photography is often associated with giving a real life environment a toy town appearance. Any number of iPhone apps have sprung up devoted to creating just this look. Even apps that don’t specialise in the look include ‘tilt-shift’ filters such as the excellent Snapseed.

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Week Three: Mobile Photography and tilt shift – Simulating the tilt effect

Simulating the freelensing effect

Last week I introduced tilt shift in mobile photography and went on to look at the shift aspect in more detail. This week I want to expand on the tilt aspect of tilt shift and look at how the effect can be created using mobile phone cameras and apps.

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Week Four: Mobile photography and motion blur – Options limited only by imagination – Imagine more!

Motion Blur

In my first mobile phone photography article I looked at the idea of making the subject of an image stand out by using a shallow depth of field. This week, in my final article, I wanted to look at another really great method to make the subject of an image stand out, motion blur. I also wanted to get a little bit artistic…

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