‘You and me’ is a Composite iPhoneography image and is my most popular image to date on Instagram.

This is an example of how an image evolved during the editing process and some stages may well not have been required to achieve the final result. However, I include all my images in this post to demonstrate the full process. I regard it as the iPhoneography equivalent of a doodle. I knew what I was looking to achieve but didn’t always use the best process and sometimes the image led me in a different direction and I had to back-track.

iPhone photography apps used:

iPhoneography - you and me

{ you and me }


One important part of this process was blending and masking of images. I use various iPhoneography apps depending on complexity. The three I have got to know the best are Blender, PhotoForge2 and Superimpose. Please see my video tutorials on how I used Superimpose in iPhoneography workflow { violin girl surreal } and iPhoneography workflow { autumn walk }. I have posted how PhotoForge2 was influential in this image here.

Process and apps used

Stage One ~ Capture and Preparation of Background layer:

Note I didn’t know this was going to be the background layer at the time. Given the style of capture I knew it was likely to be either discarded or an element of some sort in a composite image.

Hipstamatic ~ John S Lens / Rock BW II Film:

One of my favourite tricks at the moment is to capture images whilst moving the camera with a reasonably swift down – up arch through 180 degrees aiming to get the capture at around 90 degrees. The generates some interesting motion distortion:

Hipstamatic - john s lens / rock bw II film

Iris ~ Old Paper, Instant (0%) and Plastic Lens filters applied:

Iris - old paper / instant(0) / plastic lens

Snapseed ~ Drama filter applied and faces spot edited { image one }:

Snapseed - drama / selective adjust

Rays ~ applied to image one to create { image two }:

iPhoneography - Rays

Blender ~ image one and image two blended using Hard Light:

Blender - hard light

Filterstorm ~ Crop to landscape proportions and then Scale back to 1:1 proportions to stretch vertically:

Filterstorm - crop / scale to stretch

Stage Two ~ Capture and Preparation of Foreground layer:

I knew at this stage what additional element I wanted to add to the image and the look I wanted to achieve. I therefore purposely manufactured a suitable element to include:

ProCamera ~ Image capture

Note: I tried to maintain a clean background by staging this shot in the best way I could. A couple of extra minutes at this stage could save a lot of editing time and issues later:

iPhoneography - ProCamera

Filterstorm ~ clone out the shot glass I stood the model Mini on:

Filterstorm - clone

PS Express ~ boost exposure by +1. This improved the exposure of the model but also made the background cleaner:

PS Express - exposure +1

Stage Three ~ Combine the images and play until happy :-):

Blender ~ Stage One and Stage Two images arranged and combined using Blender Multiply at 100%:

{ image 3 }:

Blender - arrange / layer / multiply

LensFlare ~ 2 instances of LensFlare added:

{ image 4 }:

iPhoneography - Lensflare

Blender ~ image 4 applied over the top of image 3 with the car region masked to reveal the cleaner car from image 3:

{ image 5 }:

Blender - layer / normal / mask

Modern Grunge ~ Appropriate texture effect selected and applied:

iPhoneography - modern grunge for texture

Snapseed ~ Selective adjust x2:

Snapseed - selective adjust

PixFX ~ PFX300 effect applied:

{ image 6 }:

PicFX - pfxfilm - pfx300

Blender ~ Images 6 and 3 combined method Multiply 100%:

{ image 7 }:

Blender - multiply

Blender ~ image 6 applied over the top of image 7 with the car region masked to reveal the cleaner car from image 6:

Blender - mask

Snapseed ~ Selective adjust and add vintage filter:

{ image 8 }:

Snapseed - selective adjust / vintage

PS Express ~ boost exposure by +1:

{ image 9 }:

PS Express - exposure +1

PhotoForge2 ~ Open image 9 as background layer and image 8 as foreground layer. Blending mode normal. Mask with varying opacities to unveil image 9 to varying degrees and create the headlight effect:

PhotoForge2 got its own blog post on this process. View that post at iPhoneography – PhotoForge2 { layers, masking and blending }.

PhotoForge2 - blend / normal / layer / mask

Filterstorm ~ clone bottom left corner:

Filterstorm - clone


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    […] 'You and me' is a Composite iPhoneography image and is my most popular image to date on Instagram. I regard it as the iPhoneography equivalent of a doodle.  […]

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