Whilst decorating I took the opportunity to use the interesting texture left on the partly stripped walls as backgrounds for some iPhoneography images. This image yielded 2 versions, this one and a previously published ‘surreal’ version. Superimpose was a key app in both images.

iPhone photography apps used:

iPhoneography - violin girl

{ violin girl }


Process and apps used

ProCamera ~ Initial capture { image one }:

iPhoneography - ProCamera

Snapseed ~ Drama / Old Lens and Vintage filters applied:

Snapseed - drama / old lens / vintage

Snapseed ~ Crop square and apply Retrolux filter (Style 12 / Dirt one / No Leak) … { image two }:

Snapseed - crop / retrolux

Snapseed ~ convert to black and white { image three }:

Snapseed - black and white

Superimpose ~ Black and White { image three } used as background with 2 masks created and saved:

  • Dress and Shoes from Retrolux version { image two }:
  • Rest of main subject (skin, hair, and violin) from ProCamera version { image one }:

Saturation levels adjusted slightly.

This is { image four }:

iPhoneography - Superimpose (multiple masks)

Skip you crazy fool. Why so many elements / masks?” I hear you cry 🙂

By this stage I had decided on the style of processing I wanted to try to emulate. I had in mind an old fashioned photograph my Nan has of her in her younger days with her sisters which has been recoloured giving an almost unreal vintage feel. It is half painting and half photograph. I was especially concerned that (a) background, (b) clothes and (c) skin tones should all be separate images to enable me to control saturation and colour levels of each element individually.

Snapseed ~ convert to black and white (red filter) … { image five }:

Snapseed - black and white (red filter)


iPhoneography - Violin Girl (surreal)
The image at this point with the addition of the clothes mask was used in another iPhoneography workflow to generate a very different style of image iPhoneography workflow { violin girl surreal }.


Blender ~ { image four } and { image five } blended ‘Darken’ 50%. This is { image six }:

Blender - merge darker 50pct

Superimpose ~ using { image six } as the background, colour saturation of the dress is boosted by adding the saved mask back from { image two }:

Superimpose - multiple masks

PhotoToaster ~ park slope filter with torn edge frame { image seven }:

PhotoToaster - park slope / torn edge frame

Superimpose ~ { image seven } as the background. Previously saved dress and shoes mask reapplied to boost saturation – { image eight }:

Superimpose - dress / shoes reapplied from saved mask

Snapseed ~ black and white conversion with red filter – { image nine }:

Snapseed - black and white (red-filter)

Blender ~ { image eight } and { image nine } combined ‘Darker’ 50pct:

Blender - layers merged darker 50pct

Superimpose ~ saved dress and shoes mask applied – ‘hard light’ at 50pct:

Superimpose - dress / shoes saved mask hard light 50pct


See this process with a similar iPhoneography image together with some screen grabs from Superimpose iPhoneography workflow { encore }.


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