A new iPhoneography app was released recently – Mextures. I decided to grab a shot and texture it entirely with Mextures to see how it works. I will also introduce ‘The Amazing Type-Writer’ iPhoneography app for the first time.

I don’t have any fancy lighting and never use my iPhone flash so this indoor night shot was lit just from a wall spotlight to the top right with no reflection back to help highlight the opposite side. It is purposely a very dark and moody shot. It reminds me a little of a CD cover.

iPhone photography apps used:

iphoneography - the violinist

{ the violinist }


Process and apps used

Hipstamatic ~ initial capture:

This combo is Jane lens with AO BW film:

Filtersorm ~ crop the borders:

Filterstorm ~ clone tool to remove the wall light. I’ve tried various iPhoneography apps for cloning and keep coming back to Filterstorm. Some apps re-size the brushes and cloning source if you pinch outwards to zoom the image. Filterstorm allows great zoom control without impacting the tools so you can clone with a high degree of accuracy. In this case there was no need for any subtlety. It was a quick process with a big brush:

PS Express ~ generate a second version of the image with exposure boosted x2:

Pro HDR ~ combine the 2 versions to produce a ‘fake’ HDR iPhoneography image and pull out addditional detail. Pro HDR can add a tint so I reduced saturation to zero to retain the black and white finish:

Mextures ~ this is my debut iPhoneography image with this app and was the main reason I captured it. All edits to this point were merely to generate the base image.

Mextures allows multiple textures to be applied to the image from a range of categories with full control of the blend method and opacity of each layer. Each texture can be rotated to generate an even wider range of results. The possible combinations are almost limitless. Layers can be turned on or off individually to tweak the image during the creation process and individual layers can be deleted. After an initial play I am very impressed with this app. The only limitation of concern at this time is that images edited must be square (they can / will be cropped on import).

Update: Mextures has very quickly been updated and can now handle non-square images with an option not to crop on import.

12th June 2013

I applied 4 textures / layers to my image and then once complete I saved the image to the camera roll and the layer combination as a favourite for use again within the app.

You will see from the screen grabs of my edit below that the app retains the detail of each layer so that as you ‘doodle’ through an image you do not have to worry about each individual step. You can go back and revisit the steps you took at completion if you wish:

Snapseed ~

  • Center focus – Minimum blur, center brightness boosted by 50pct (and size reduced slightly) with outer brightness unchanged:
  • Tune image – contrast boosted by 35pct:

{ image one }

The Amazing Type-Writer ~ ‘violinist’ text:

This is the first time I have included this iPhoneography app in a tutorial. It acts like an ordinary typewriter. You cannot delete text you have already typed but you can go back and strike through, over-type, etc. Not all non-alpha numeric characters are supported. Characters appear quite random in terms of alignment and pressure – one ‘a’ will be different to another ‘a’ for example. Text is typed on cards within the app and the cards are then saved to photo library and superimposed on the image as a new layer within an appropriate app:

{ image two }

Superimpose ~ image one imported as background and image two imported as foreground:

Image two (text) contrast is boosted by 20pct and a blend method of darker applied with a transparency set at around 20pct:

NOTE: within Superimpose I have noted that when the foreground isn’t fully positioned over the background its edges sometimes appear on the saved image. To solve this issue I always go to mask and just brush a mask over the edges of the foreground image:

My signature is also added within Superimpose via a saved mask containing either light or dark ‘5k1p’ text depending on the image:


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  1. Ken Rowe says:

    Thanks very much for this tutorial Paul. Great introduction to Mextures. I have been using The Amazing Typewriter for awhile now and I am totally in love the ‘olden’ character of the font. Cant find that particular font anywhere else.
    Cheers Ken Rowe

    • Skip says:

      Thank you Ken. Really delighted you enjoy. I think Mextures have a full tutorial in the app but it’s very intuitive so I haven’t looked through it yet. I love Amazing Typewriter, I haven’t found a way to increase page size which would be handy I think but for small snippets of text it’s ideal.

  2. Christi says:

    Very interesting – and enlightening – tutorial, thank you. I still have a long way to go conquering/understanding Mextures so when tutorials like this come along they’re quite helpful. I popped over to learn about the Amazing Type-Writer, so all the rest was a bonus ;>]]

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