This iPhoneography image is of my daughter on her way home from school on her scooter. We managed to find a nice plain background and so there was plenty of scope for me to play with background textures without impacting the purity of the main figure.

Square crop is traditionally my preferred iPhoneography option and I make no exception with this image. There are some basic composition rules in place which I see no reason to break:

  • The ‘rule of thirds’ both in relation to the figure and the banding of the background giving a ‘sweet-spot’ where the figure and the horizontal band cross, and
  • ‘Negative space’ is left ahead of the figure for her to move into in our mind’s eye.

iPhone photography apps used:

iPhoneography - sweet ride

{ sweet ride }


Process and apps used

Hipstamatic ~ Initial capture:

Lens ~ Jane / Film ~ Sugar:

Hipstamatic - jane lens / sugar film

Filterstorm ~ crop borders retaining 1:1 proportions and resize (scale):

Filterstorm - crop / resize

Snapseed ~ Drama and selective edit to highlight legs:

Snapseed - drama / selective adjust

Snapseed ~ Grunge filter:

The focal point of the effect was reduced in size and moved over the figure resulting in more extensive blurring, texture and darkening towards the top right of the image:

Snapseed - grunge

ScratchCam ~ filters applied:

iPhoneography - ScratchCam

Pixlromatic+ ~ ‘Jyler’ filter applied { image one }:

Pixlromatic+ - jyler filter

Pixlromatic+ ~ ‘Dusty’, ‘Uneven’ and ‘Streaked’ filters applied to image one { image two }:

Pixlromatic+ - dusty / uneven / streaked filters

Blender ~ Images one and two combined under normal mode with the bottom brown band and the figure masked to clean that area of the effects applied to image two:

Blender - normal layer / mask

Snapseed ~ Final adjustment made to straighten the image:

Snapseed - rotate


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