I did a series of floral iPhoneography images. Rose – an image of an old dead and dried Ferdinand Pichard Rose with its distinctive Raspberry Ripple colouring is one of 5 in the series, proving the most popular. It was also at the time one of my five most liked Instagram images.

My appetite for creating new iPhoneography never diminishes and I get most satisfaction from more candid images with people in them. However, sometimes for whatever reason it is not possible to get out and about and so I start to look for inspiration in and around the home. Although I have never reconciled myself to the fact that a significant proportion of my iPhoneography is floral when I look through my images that does seem to be the case.

I enjoy gardening and so I guess combine that hobby with a ready supply of plant material and it’s a natural direction for me to go in. One huge caveat though, I enjoy the plant in it’s youth with it’s buds and the promise of it’s day in the sun to come and then once it’s ‘gone over’ the beauty in decay is for me the highlight.

iPhone photography apps used:

iPhoneography - rose

{ rose }


Process and apps used

6×6 ~ Initial capture:

iPhoneography - 6x6

Snapseed ~ Selective Adjust the flower:

Snapseed - selective adjust flower

Snapseed ~ grunge filter applied to taste:

Snapseed - grunge

Modern Grunge ~ quite subtle use of filters applied to taste. This app is capable of serious grunge including rip and cut effects:

As with ScratchCam, if you create an effect you like save it as a bespoke texture for use on other images. This texture has become a favourite of mine:

Modern Grunge - texture

ScratchCam ~ Scratch effects applied:

ScratchCam - distress

Filterstorm ~ image flipped and text applied:

Filterstorm - flip / text


Note: ‘{ rose }’ is one of a series of 5 floral images which can be viewed here ~ iPhoneography { floral series }.


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