This iPhoneography image was captured on West Common in Lincoln as a parent returns home from the morning school run dragging the empty sledge behind her. Processed in a textured painterly style with proportions and scale adjusted to allow for some of the basic composition principles including ‘rule of thirds’ and ‘negative space.’

iPhone photography apps used:

iPhoneography - returning from the school run

{ returning from the school run }


Process and apps used

ProCamera ~ Initial capture:

iPhoneography - procamera

Filterstorm ~ Crop to 10×8 proportions including slight reduction to take the ‘rule of thirds’ into account which I saw no reason to break with this image:

Note that the figure is two thirds away from the edge of the image she is moving towards with an empty area ahead of her resulting in an area of ‘negative space’.

Note also that the horizon is approximately two thirds up the image:

At this early stage, having cropped the image for composition and proportion I take the opportunity to resize (scale) back to 2,000px x 2,500px:

Filterstorm - crop / scale

Snapseed ~ thought needs to be given regarding the order filters are to be applied. I apply the following filters:

  • Drama – standard settings reduce saturation but enhance detail:
  • Grunge – introduce various effects including texture, saturation, contrast, brightness and hue adjustments and areas of bluring to generate a painterly feel. I move and resize the focal point of these effects towards the bottom right of the image resulting in the effects being most noticable outside of this area (negative space to the left and horizon upwards):
  • Selective adjust – 2 small areas are selected for specific attention. The figure’s face is brightened by 100% and the saturation of the sledge is enhanced by 100%:

Snapseed - drama / grunge / selective adjust

Glaze ~ to provide additional options the image is run through Glaze selecting one of the more detailed presets:

iPhoneography - Glaze

Blender ~ the Snapseed version and the Glaze version are layered under ‘Screen’ method with 50% opacity:

Blender - screen


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  1. Michelle Robinson says:

    I love how it all looks on the iPad! You did a brilliant job! Well done.

    And love the image too. You are just the master of atmosphere.

  2. Janice Hackney says:

    Q: “layered under ‘Screen’ method with 50% opacity” This means the slider where the two are blended is in the middle (50%)?

    Q: “I move and resize the focal point of these effects towards the bottom right of the image” How do you do this? In Snapseed?

    • Skip says:

      Hi Janice,

      Re layering that’s correct slider in the middle in this case.

      Re focal point that’s also correct – I was referring to focal point of the Snapseed Grunge effect which can be moved and resized by pinching (see attached screen-grab: standard on left, moved on right).

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