A still life floral iPhoneography image with a manipulated depth of field to help wash away the background and focus on the bloom. Finished with a heavily textured and grunged process to give a stained, vintage, painterly almost timeless feel to what I imagine would have been a pristine black and white photograph at capture.

iPhone photography apps used:

iPhoneography - old clematis

{ old clematis }


Process and apps used

6×6 / Pixlromatic+ / 100CamerasIn1 ~ Initial capture via 6×6:

Some processing via Pixlromatic+ and 100CamerasIn1 but not really relevant to the final effect:

6x6 / 100camerasIn1 / Pixlromatic+

AfterFocus ~ Foreground subject masked, maximum Gaussian blur and colour mask filter applied to the background (version one of image):

AfterFocus is an excellent app for mimicking the shallow depth of field associated with with ‘wide-open’ aperture settings on traditional (D)SLRs. It includes options for controlling the extent and type of blur, whether and where blur should be graduated and whether the bokeh effect associated with out of focus lights should be added. It also includes various filters

Afterfocus - max gaussian blur / colour mask

Iris ~ Vintage Print filter applied (version two of image):

Iris is a powerful app which I primarily use for it’s wide range of pre-defined filters. It does however have much more advanced capability similar to that associated with desk-top applications:

Note: it is now called ‘Laminar’:

Iris - vintage print

Blender ~ Version one and version two merged via color blend method:

Blender - color

Iris ~ Infra-red filter applied:

Iris - infra red

Iris ~ Vintage print at reduced opacity:

iPhoneography - Iris - old photo


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