I’m not convinced that the capabilities of my iPhone4 are suited to night photography. However, it is always with me and inevitably opportunities will present themselves. This iPhoneography image was captured sat on a bar stool at the very top of Lincoln High Street people watching. With a bit of processing work a good quality image can be generated. The trick I think is to work with what you have rather than fight it.

iPhone photography apps used:

Midnight on Lincoln High Street

{ midnight on lincoln high street }


Process and apps used

6×6 ~ Initial capture: (sat in a bar on Saturday night):

Midnight On Lincoln High Street - 6x6

Camera+ ~ Crop and retain the 1:1 aspect ratio:

Filterstorm ~ Increase resolution to finished size at this early stage of the edit (I always look for a minimum resolution of 1,500 x 1,500):

Note both of these actions could have been completed in Filterstorm ~ this is just a workflow habit I have got in to.

Midnight On Lincoln High Street - Crop

AfterFocus ~ Quite a low gaussian blur level and bokeh effect selected to simulate a depth of field effect:

Midnight On Lincoln High Street - Depth of Field

BlurFX ~ On closer inspection it was clear that AfterFocus had left quite a strong definition on the image at the border of it’s mask. I therefore used BlurFX to more cleanly blend the AfterFocus effect into the image:

Note – the image shown here is before the correction and magnified to 100%

Midnight On Lincoln High Street - Correct Blur

100CamerasIn1 ~ An app loaded with pre-defined textures all of which can be layered on top of each other creating an almost limitless number of possible variations. I selected 2 effects:

Midnight On Lincoln High Street - 100CamerasIn1

Filterstorm ~ A solid white line and image title were added in Filterstorm:

PhotoForge2 ~ The pre-text version of the image and the version with text added were opened as individual layers in PhotoForge2 and blended together under ‘normal’ with the text version as the top layer at 100%. To allow for the shadow a 50% grey mask was added over the shadow area to reduce the opacity of the white line.

Midnight On Lincoln High Street - Final


Update: More on the subject of focus in my post at iPhone and iPad Life Magazine

I am incredibly honored to have been invited to be a featured blogger for iPhone and iPad Life Magazine.

My second article has been published and looks at focus and depth of field in iPhoneography. I use this image as an example of what can be achieved through apps to simulate what traditional photography can achieve through optics. The blog is visited by over a quarter of a million visitors each month and has almost 100,000 subscribers.


See my post here..


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  1. hunger says:

    hello! Thank you for sharing, my name is hunger, come from china,I have a question about afterfocus photo size limit, in afterfocus output picture can be enlarged by filterstorm it? Thank you!

    • Skip says:

      Hi Hunger, my pleasure. Absolutely. Filterstorm will boost the resolution of any image whichever app it’s been through. I find that AfterFocus app output resolution is quite poor on iPad3 but works to full iPhone resolution on iPhone5 (povided you set that up in the apps settings).

  2. hunger says:

    Hi Brian! thank you!

  3. […] rue Lincoln High en est un exemple, et les retouches complètes de cette image peuvent être vues ici. Mon app personnelle préférée est AfterFocus. D’autres apps sont Tadaa SLR et Big Lens. […]

  4. […] su Lincoln High Street è solo un esempio: l’editing completo dell’immagine è visibile qui. La mia app preferita è AfterFocus, ma ricorro anche a Tadaa SLR e Big Lens. Queste app permettono […]

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