Don’t you just love iPhoneography and mobile photography in general? I found this quite a moving subject but without my iPhone the whole encounter wouldn’t have happened. I would have gone about my business and he would have gone about his. The image would not have been captured and the subsequent discussion would not have taken place. Oh iPhoneography I love you!

This scene was unfolding before me. The carousel was almost deserted and I could see that the square was clearing slowly. I hoped it would stay that way and that the old man would maintain his route slowly. I grabbed a couple of shots from some distance away and later discarded them. I could see the old man captivated as he paused. I thought I still have time to get closer and grab the shot I wanted. I hurried up and tapped my Hipstamatic which was already loaded with my favourite preset. Just one shot.

The old gent having had his fill turned and strolled slowly towards me. He looked at me and muttered, “It’s the music isn’t it. It isn’t proper music, not really music at all, but isn’t it beautiful.” This caught me by surprise my mind was so full of the visual, my other senses were barely aware of anything. Struggling for a response, “Full of atmosphere,” I said. We then had a lengthy discussion about how with his wife he whiled away many happy hours listening to the wireless. He was desperate to share with anyone that would listen. I was in the right place at the right time.

iPhone photography apps used:

iPhoneography - memories

{ memories }


Process and apps used

Hipstamatic ~ Initial capture (Tinto 1848 Lens and AO BW Film):

iPhoneography - hipstamatic - tinto 1848 lens /  AO BW Film

Filterstorm ~ Normally I would use Snapseed as my first iPhoneography edit and go through this process there. In this case, I was unsure of how I would crop and therefore whether re-sizing may be required:

In the end all I did was maintain the 1:1 ratio and crop away the border. I also took the opportunity to correct the image by rotating slightly:

If re-sizing is required then typically this process would be via Filterstorm { image one }:

filterstorm - crop / rotate

Rainy Daze ~ A brand new iPhoneography app to me which I discovered via an article on AMPt Community. I am debuting it in a published workflow on this image. It adds atmosphere including tones, cloud textures, vignettes and rain. There are various presets all of which can be adapted and new ones created and saved. It categorises its presets as ‘Rain Showers’, ‘Romantic Rain’, and ‘Vintage Rain’. It is possible to add effects without including rain { image two }:

iPhoneography - rainy daze

Superimpose ~ I selected a strong sky texture and applied it with a high opacity in Rainy Daze { image two } which resulted in some of the texture appearing quite strongly in the carousel. I therefore selected this version as the background with { image one } applied as the foreground layer. I then applied a mask to reveal the atmospheric sky, blurred the mask to avoid sharp edges and blended under normal at 30pct transparency:

See my videos in related articles for more detail on Superimpose:

superimpose - mask / normal blend 30pct transparency

Alt Photo ~ As always after blending I like to apply a final iPhoneography filter to give a sense of uniformity to the image. I therefore selected Alt Photo’s Agfa APX (Vignette) B&W Film filter and applied it at 50pct:

alt photo - agfa apx vignette (50pct)


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  1. Voets Florette says:

    Mooie shot en de uitleg erbij is heel knap bedacht en wat komisch dank je wel :))

    • Skip says:

      Hello Florette, thank you for your really kind comment. Delighted that you enjoy. (via Google translate… Hallo Florette, dank u voor uw echt een soort commentaar. Blij dat je leuk vindt.)

  2. bonnie says:

    what state or country was this?

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