Landscape No1 is a textured painterly iPhoneography composite image captured just down the road from my house. Turn left and I am a short walk from the urban city centre, turn right and I am a short walk from peaceful countryside. My home county of Lincolnshire is known as an agricultural county and this is a typical scene.

This landscape was inspired by the work of my friend Gianluca Ricoveri, albeit his wonderful continental Italian landscapes and my English landscape are very different. When I saw the field and thought about the finished image I had his work immediately in mind. Gianluca has been kind enough to provide a tutorial for his processes on my blog and that can be viewed at iPhoneography workflow – { Gianluca Ricoveri }.

iPhone photography apps used:

iPhoneography landscape

{ landscape no1 }


Process and apps used

ProCamera ~ initial capture:

Snapseed ~ ‘Center Focus’ with both inner and outer areas darkened slightly, outer more so. ‘Structure’ and ‘Sharpness’ both boosted by 50pct:

Filterstorm ~ image cropped square taking into account the rule of thirds especially with the positioning of the horizon. Image also re-sized to 2,000px each side to create a suitable resolution at an early stage should I choose to print the finished image:

LensLight ~ Sun beam added. This effect adds sun light which can be pinched to size and I position it to appear to be coming through the trees. It also adds lens flare diagonally through the image and creates a feeling of warmth. This is especially obvious when flicking between this and the previous image:

Mextures ~ my second published workflow with this new app. This image had 7 layers of texture applied to arrive at the finished image. The layers can be seen in the screen grabs below. In addition the combination was saved within the app as a favourite to be used either ‘as is’ or as the basis for future edits:

Distressed FX ~ ‘Vanilla’ and ‘HDR’ effects added – { image two }:

Distressed FX ~ ‘Birds’ effect added to image two – { image one }:

Superimpose ~ { image one } layered over { image two }:

I was conscious that the bird effect in Distressed FX is very bold. Whilst these effects can be adjusted in Distressed FX, I wanted to adjust them in specific areas and so decided that layering and masking was a more appropriate solution. The issue for me was that to help with the impression of depth I wanted the saturation to reduce with distance:

See the screen grabs below. The following processed were applied:

  • apply a linear mask to fully mask the bottom of the image gradually reducing to no mask at the horizon and upwards. Edits woluld therefore become increasingly effective with distance.
  • Reduce the saturation of the foreground image.
  • Boost the brightness of the foreground image.
  • Blend both layers under ‘Normal’ at around 35-40pct.


Update: ‘Landscape No1’ featured by New Era Museum

I was honoured that my iPhoneography image ‘Landscape No1’ was selected to be featured by New Era Museum in their curated selection of 8 landscape images.

The humanistic initiative of NEM, The New Era Museum, takes shape mainly to spread the concept of pristine Art, affordable and available to everyone by potentially forging new artists to new techniques of digital mobile processing. Give new possibilities for dissemination of your visions to inspire new forms of artistic thoughts.

New Era Museum

See the full showcase of amazing images at New Era Museum.


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  1. Geri Centonze says:

    Gorgeous Skip – and wonderful homage to Gianluca. I adore his work ♥

    • Skip says:

      Hi Geri thank you. Gianluca’s style is immediately recognisable and the landscapes he captures are just so beautiful. I’m a big fan too! He’s definitely made me see landscapes in a different way.

  2. Voets Florette says:

    Dag Skip , ik geniet van je werk en ik wens je veel geluk

  3. Dave says:

    Stellar work, Paul. I love it.

    I was wondering though, does it not bother you that apps like Distressed FX, although lovely in what it offers, doesn’t save images in hi-res? Do you just opt for ‘meet-in-the-middle’ and sacrifice quality to get the result you want?

    I really liked that app, then me wee heart was broken.

    • Skip says:

      Hi Dave, you make a really good point. I guess it hasn’t been too much of an issue for me until very recently as I was iPhone4 and so 2048 x 2048 was more than enough for my square images. Within the last couple of weeks I’ve gone to iPhone5 with its higher resolution and so Apps like Distressed FX reducing resolution will need thinking about. I always aim for 2000 x 2000 minimum which still gives good size for printing so as long as the app handles that size I’m relatively happy.

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