I have long admired the iPhoneography art of my friend across on Facebook Gianluca Ricoveri. He is a fellow founding artist at The New Era Museum and I suspect that is where I was first exposed to his work.

Gianluca comes across some magical landscapes and adds an artistic process to his iPhoneography truly sympathetic with the image he captures. The amazing light and scenery is enhanced by his vibrant painterly, textured style. In Gianluca’s own words:

“I have always painted and photographed passing from one medium to another trying to join the 2 techniques. Last year I started photographing exclusively with the iPhone. With the editing process, I try to convey those feelings, those emotions that are often lacking in the original image.”

Gianluca Ricoveri

Those words resonate with me. I so often state that the aim in my own iPhoneography is to capture or create an atmosphere rather than a scene. Gianluca is a master at his craft and to allow me a glimpse of his process is extremely kind.

I am sure you will enjoy his work. It is a privilege for me to be able to share one of Gianluca’s images and the processes he adopted.

You can see much more of Gianluca’s work at:

Thank you for your generosity Gianluca.

iPhone photography apps used:

Massaiuccolis Lake - Tuscany

{ Massaiuccoli’s Lake, near Lucca, Tuscany }


Process and apps used

6×6 ~ Initial capture on iPhone5. Opened in Photogene for a light tuning and saved to iPad:

Snapseed ~ Brightness, Ambiance, contrast and White Balance all adjusted. With the “Selective Adjust” tool, the dark zones of the picture were corrected and the contrast in the light areas was increased:

Laminar ~ applied 2 textures, the first blue with multiply option and the second yellow with overlay option. For each texture I adjusted: brightness, contrast, temperature, shadows and lights:

Distressed FX ~ Wide and Broken Textures applied:


Update: ‘Massaiuccoli’s Lake, near Lucca, Tuscany’ republished in the August 2013 issue of Mobiography

I’ve known Andy Butler for quite some time now and so when he approached me to request permission to republish Gianluca’s fantastic image and workflow I didn’t hesitate to ask Gianluca for confirmation that he was happy. Thankfully, all three of us were delighted to bring this wonderful image and its creation process back from the Archives.

Mobiography magazine is a digital magazine available on the ipad and iphone which focusses on the subject of mobile photography. Available on the Apple newsstand this bi-monthly publication includes a broad selection of articles and features covering interviews with leading iphoneographers, tips, tutorials, mobile photography accessory and app reviews which cater for all levels and interests.

Since its launch in April the magazine has been well received and is growing in popularity especially since the release of the latest issue which features interviews with none other than Richard Koci Hernandez and Mike Hill from We Are Juxt.

I was thrilled when Koci agreed to do an interview for the magazine as I’m a big fan of his work and was keen to quiz him on his approach to street photography, storytelling through photography and his experiences with Google Glass. He delivers some insightful advice and opinions which are well worth reading.

Issue 3 of Mobiography also features the usual collection of handy tips, advice and tutorials including Skipology’s own feature on Gianluca Ricoveri, another talented iphoneographer who I’m a fan of.

Andy Butler – Mobiography.net

Mobiography Magazine is available on the App Store Newsstand under the Arts and Photography category. Ipad and iPhone users can download the app here. Once installed the app will act like a magazine rack for all current and future issues which can either be bought individually or through a subscription option.

At the moment the magazine is bi-monthly but I have plans for some special issues in between the main magazines. My aim is that these specials will be themed and will further help to promote the work of mobile photographers out there.

Mobile photography is an exciting time at the moment and I am always on the lookout for talented photographers to feature so would love to hear from people about their work and mobile photography ideas

Andy Butler – Mobiography.net

Thank you Andy and Gianluca.



You can see much more of Gianluca’s work at:

[flickrps user_id=”86165983@N04″ images_height=”200″]


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  1. Michèle Baddoo says:

    Love his work. He is a friend of mine on FB as well.
    He mentioned blue and yellow textures. I am asking if they were imported to Laminar or are they a part of the app.

    I use Laminar and haven’t seen such textures.

    Many thanks and I enjoy your workflows,

    Michèle in Canada

  2. Michèle Baddoo says:

    I need to resubmit since I made a mistake.
    I would like to know if Gianluca uses blue and yellow textures from a different source in Laminar since I don’t see them there.

    Many thanks, Michèle from Canada

    • Gianluca Ricoveri says:

      Hi Michele, the textures that I used here are my textures what i imported in Laminar.

  3. Skip says:

    I think texture creation is an interesting area. Not something I’ve done myself but you could do it either from images or from a blank canvas via a combination of app effects. Might have a play at some point.

  4. William says:

    Your steps to apply 2 textures, the first blue with multiply option and the second yellow with overlay option I do not understand.
    I’m only started using Laminer and I don’t now to do this.
    Do I look for a blue texture, if so where. Or do I created it someway.
    I would appreciate any help you could give me.

    Love you work.

    Thank You


  5. William says:

    Thank you for the quick reply. I will use the suggested resources and go to work.
    Thanks again


    • Skip says:

      No worries at all. You may find my Superimpose Video tutorial helpful. I tend to use that when working with layers but you can only use 2 layers at a time. (Linked in post sidebar). Good luck with it. Can I see your images online anywhere?

  6. Jeri Hurd says:

    Wow. This was a find. I’ve been following Gianluca’s work on Flickr for a while, but never had the nerve to ask him about his workflow. Thanks!

    BTW–i’ve looked around other posts. Thanks so much–it’s very generous to show how you achieve your final results, for those of us who are new to this!

    • Skip says:

      Hello Jeri, on behalf of Gianluca and myself thank you very much for your kind words. very much appreciate and really delighted the posts are helpful.

  7. Geri says:

    Just downloaded by issue – looking forward to seeing it again in this format. Congrats to both of you! Such talent between the two of you

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