A street iPhoneography image, processed to generate an atmosphere that did not necessarily exist in reality. This is not a composite image, it is born from a candid street image. The black and white processing combined with the introduction of lighting and texture effects adds to the translucent nature of the young girl, enhances the contrasts in the image and as a result provokes an ethereal feeling.

The ghostly feel is further enhanced by the strength of the adult figures as they stride through the Stonebow seemingly oblivious to the presence of the little girl.

iPhone photography apps used:

iPhoneography - ghostly lincoln stonebow

{ ghostly lincoln stonebow }


Process and apps used

Hipstamatic ~ Initial capture:

Lens ~ Foxy / Film ~ Sugar:

Hipstamatic - foxy lens / sugar film

Camera+ ~ Crop image (note this could have been achieved in Snapseed (see next process):

Camera+ - crop

Snapseed ~ Drama filter:

Snapseed - drama filter

Rays ~ Enhance the natural light:

It is at this point that I start to develop the ethereal feel to the image. The little girl gradually starts to fade as a result of the opacity of the ray of light I added. This level is controllable within the app.

iPhoneography - Rays

LensLight / ScratchCam combination ~ a completely unique and bespoke Texture was created by positioning the ‘Sun Beam’ effect on the image in LensLight and then selecting ‘Save/Send Flare Only’ and selecting ‘ScratchCam’. This opened the correctly positioned ‘Sun Beam’ layer without the underlying image in ScratchCam and I was happy with the random selection ScratchCam made and saved it:

Lenslight - sun / Scratchcam - texture

Blender ~ Rays image and bespoke texture combined using ‘Plus Lighter’ set at 60% opacity:

The brightness of the sun effect further impacts the significance of the little girl in the image and the ethereal quality continues to develop:

Blender - plus lighter at 60pct

ScratchCam ~ Image converted to Black & White and final texture effects added:

iPhoneography - ScratchCam


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