This still life floral iPhoneography image in a painterly textured style shows Gypsophila against a heavily manipulated background.

Post processing is far more important in generating this iPhoneography image than the initial capture. However, the post processing task is made easier by taking time at capture to ensure a clean background. For me, this means capturing the image on a windowsill with a frosted background resulting in diffused soft back-light.

Initial post processing therefore always involves correcting the lighting situation. iPhoneography exposure control is often unable to cope with these conditions adequately at capture.

iPhone photography apps used:

iPhoneography - gypsophila

{ gypsophila }


Process and apps used

ProCamera ~ Initial capture:

In addition to the usual concerns about focus, composition and exposure, a key aim is to maintain a clean background. This is achieved by capturing the image against a frosted window resulting in significant defused back-light. This does compromise exposure and result in some silhouetting. Initial corrections in post-processing are required:

iPhoneography - ProCamera

Snapseed ~ Invariably stage one in my post-processing workflow is to crop and if necessary re-size. In this case cropping was merely to change proportions to square:

If re-sizing is required then typically this process would be via Filterstorm:

Snapseed - crop

PS Express ~ The next stage in my standard workflow is to correct image issues and arrive at a base image from which I will work:

The first stage in this process with this type of image is to correct exposure issues. In this case Exposure was boosted x2:

PS Express - exposure x2

Blender ~ Still correcting image issues, typically the two versions of the image would be combined using Pro HDR. However, in this case I elected to use Blender to combine them as 2 layers under the ‘soft light’ blend method:

Blender - soft light

Snapseed ~ A key app in almost all of my work:

This stage is partly image correction and partly moving into the textured / painterly style I enjoy with floral iPhoneography. Image correction continues by boosting ‘structure’ by 100pct. I then move into artistic mode and use both ‘Grunge’ and ‘Retrolux’ filters { image one }:

Snapseed - structure / grunge / retrolux

PhotoToaster ~ XPro filter applied { image two }:

PhotoToaster - xpro

Blender ~ Images one and two combined under the ‘plus darker’ blend method at 30pct opacity:

Blender - plus darker 30pct

Modern Grunge ~ One of my favourite bespoke presets applied:

iPhoneography - modern grunge

Textures+ ~ The key texture in the image is the wooden background { image four }:

Textures+ - wood texture

Iris ~ Dyna Range filter applied { image three }:

Iris - dyna range

Blender ~ Images three and four combined under the ‘color’ blend method at 100pct opacity:

Blender - color


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