A still life floral iPhoneography image. Heavily textured to give a painterly slightly vintage feel. This style of processing is something I enjoy. I very often regard the initial capture as the raw material to be tinkered with until the resulting image emerges. I wouldn’t describe florals as my typical genre but as I have a floral gallery collection I must process more of this type of image that I realise.

iPhone photography apps used:


{ fennel }


Process and apps used

6×6 ~ Initial capture:

Fennel iPhoneography - 6x6

Camera+ ~ Cross process filter at 50%:

Fennel - Camera+ Cross Process

PhotoForge2 ~ Apply a slight Bulge effect at 20%:

Fennel - PhotoForge2 Bulge

Snapseed ~ Vintage effect applied – scaled back to taste:

Fennel - Snapseed Vintage

PicFX ~ 2 filter effects added:

[ Marshmallow / Olden Texture ]:

Fennel - PicFX Filters

ScratchCam ~ Second version of the image exported from PicFX produced via ScratchCam filters:

Fennel - ScratchCam Texture / colour

Blender ~ PicFX and ScratchCam versions combined via layers:

[ blend method Luminosity ]:

Fennel iPhoneography - Blender Layer

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