This is close to what I regard as my iPhoneography style. I often state that my aim is not to capture a scene, instead I like to create an atmosphere.

Whilst many strive to achieve a straight out of camera purity, that is rarely my style. I enjoy seeing those images, wonderful works that have significantly more impact in print than on screen. A great natural image printed to a large scale is a beautiful thing.

iPhoneography is very capable of capturing journalistic standard images and we’ve seen many stories in recent weeks about respected journalists using mobile phone cameras to capture some stunning images. Not for the first time, The New York Times recently featured an Instagram image on it’s front page. (Citation at foot).

As for me, I’ll keep treating my images as a raw material and playing with my apps as I see fit. The trend of mobile photography forming part of a wider journalistic and public relations strategy is something that is, in my opinion, going to grow and grow. We are only at the start of something here.

iPhone photography apps used:

iPhoneography - commuting

{ commuting }


Process and apps used

Hipstamatic ~ Initial capture (Tinto 1848 Lens and AO BW Film). Note this lens has been renamed Tinto 1884 and it is possible your version could have either name – see (new window):

Snapseed ~ crop border. Retain 1:1 aspect ratio:

Snapseed ~ Details / Structure – boost by 100pct { image one }:

PS Express ~ Boost exposure x2 { image two }:

Pro HDR ~ import and combine image one and image two:

Snapseed ~ Retrolux filter:

Snapseed ~ Center focus – old lens preset with the central point shifted towards the top of the image:

Rainy Daze ~ Vintage number 5 preset applied:


The New York Times published an iPhone photo edited by Instagram on its Sunday front page… more (new window)

Huffington Post


Update: ‘Commuting’ featured by The App Whisperer

I was honoured that my iPhoneography image ‘Commuting’ was selected to be featured by The App Whisperer in their weekly Flickr Group showcase.

We have put together another very special Flickr group showcase , our fourteenth of 2013 with some of our favorite images and some great new talent that have been uploaded to our Flickr group – Mobile Photography & Imagery, this week. The quality of submissions continues to rise, so we have decided to make our showcases that much bigger to incorporate as much of this stunning mobile art and photography as we can and to get it out to a wider audience.

Joanne Carter ~ The App Whisperer

See the weekly showcase video to music at The App Whisperer.


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  1. Gerry Coe says:

    Paul, Love the treatment to the image, Our work methods are not unlike and I like that look and style.

  2. Geri says:

    Love that you showed your process (as usual – very generous with sharing techniques!) One question did you mean Tinto 1884 rather than 1848? I’m guessing it’s just a typo but I want to try shooting with the combination you used. Thanks!!!

  3. Robin Cohen says:

    love this!! I’m so glad you publish your workflows!! By the way jixpi makes another app called “Romantic Photo” which does what their “Rainy Daze” app does without the rain… for this photo the rain was perfect, but you may find it useful for other photos…
    thanks, rc

  4. Ken Rowe says:

    Thanks very much for this Paul. I am really enjoying this image. The sharp detail in the door and window at the right is just marvellous, and keeps me coming back to the image for another look for some reason. I appreciate your commitment to your personal vision also.

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