This is an iPhoneography street shot of people coming and going in an underpass. My adopted style as normal shifts from the documentary to the artistic with the introduction of textures and light to generate an atmosphere. This black and white image has an ethereal feel which focuses primarily on the people ‘going’ rather than ‘coming’ to provide contrast and enhance the feeling ‘walking towards the light.’

iPhone photography apps used:

iPhoneography - coming and going

{ coming and going }


Process and apps used

Hipstamatic ~ Initial capture:

Wonder Lens / W40 Film:

I used to regard Hipstamatic images as untouchable. The whole point of Hipstamatic is to mimic film photography and at one point I could not bring myself to interfere with that philosophy. As time has moved on I have grown to regard Hipstamatic images as just another raw material to use in my finished image:

iPhoneography - Hipstamatic - wonder lens / w40 film

Snapseed ~ Drama Filter:

Notice how often this filter crops up in my workflows? Constantly and normally at default settings although occasionally I will boost saturation to around 50 which seem to mirror the unprocessed image saturation level:

Snapseed - drama filter

Filterstorm ~ Crop and resize the image and clone out some distracting lines:

Filterstorm is my go to iPhoneography app for all three of these functions:

Filterstorm - crop / resize / clone

Pixlromatic+ ~ Dean and Local filters applied:

This is the first stage in introducing the ethereal feel. The introduction of the red filter across the distant figures provides the opportunity for colour filtered black and white conversion to wash them away:

Pixlromatic+ - dean filter / local filter

Scratchcam ~ Colour, texture and scratch layer effects added:

The addition of these layers further enhances the contrasts already established during the previous process, again with colour filtered black and white conversion in mind:

iPhoneography - Scratchcam

Simply B&W ~ converted to B&W using the red filter:

Since writing this workflow I tend to use the black and white conversion functionality in Snapseed which I think mirrors the functionality of Simply B&W. Why use 2 apps when 1 will do?

Traditionally a red filter will provide high contrast in most black and white conversions. Notice here how it is controlled by the previous positioning of the red ‘wash’:

Simply B&W - red filter


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