An inner-city landscape iPhoneography image processed in a vintage style. The Brayford Pool is a natural lake formed from a widening of the River Witham in the centre of Lincoln. It was used as a port by the Romans, who connected it to the River Trent by constructing the Foss Dyke and has a long industrial heritage.

The Pool is now used as a marina by houseboats and pleasure craft and is surrounded by bars and restaurants on one side and the University of Lincoln on the other. It’s a great place for a bit of iPhoneography and a short walk from where I live.

iPhone photography apps used:

iPhoneography - boating on lincoln brayford

{ boating on lincoln brayford }


Process and apps used

6×6 ~ Initial capture:

iPhoneography - 6x6

FrontView ~ Straighten verticals:

How many times do you hear the phrase ’tilt-shift’ and how many iPhoneography apps claim to be tilt-shift apps? Actually most mimic the ’tilt’ bit by simulating the movement of the focal plane and therefore generating out of focus areas which would be in focus using a traditional lens. FrontView deals with the shift bit. In simple terms it distorts an image – the intended purpose being to straighten converging verticals:

iPhoneography - FrontView (shift effect)

Snapseed ~ Apply ‘Drama’, ‘Vintage’ and Tilt-Shift’ filters:

Note, even the mighty Snapseed ‘Tilt-Shift’ filter only deals with the ‘Tilt’ element. To be fair, sometimes the term ’tilt-shift’ is used when a shallow depth of field is simulated in processing (often to generate a miniature scene). This is really what the Snapseed ‘Tilt-Shift’ filter is:

Here I use it to blur the left side of the image:

Snapseed - drama / vintage / tiltshift

Pixlromatic+ ~ Apply ‘Harry’ Filter:

Pixlromatic+ - harry filter

Filterstorm ~ crop and re-size (2,000px x 2,000px resolution):

This was a late decision by my to crop and resize. Normally I take this decision early in the process to ensure maximum quality of the finished image as subsequent processing is applied to the image at its final resolution:

Filterstorm - crop / resize

Pixlromatic+ ~ Apply ‘Focal’ Filter:

Pixlromatic+ - focal filter


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