I think every iPhoneography portfolio needs one of these images. This is my take on the whole genre of birds sitting on overhead cables. It is a painterly, texture processed iPhoneography image.

One of the big issues with iPhoneography and mobile photography in general is the inability to change focal lengths optically. There are some exceptions such as fish-eye and macro capabilities provided by optional lens accessories but these do not help capture distant objects.

The iPhone camera does come with a digital zoom but I would strongly advise against using it. If you want to capture a distant object then I would suggest capturing it as normal (however small it looks) and then consider what can be done in post processing.

This workflow shows this approach in action.

iPhone photography apps used:

iPhoneography - birds on wire

{ birds on wire }


Process and apps used

6×6 ~ Initial capture:

iPhoneography - 6x6

Filterstorm ~ Crop and resize:

This demonstrates a massive crop. Only a small proprtion of the initial image was required. I rarely feel the need to crop other than to change proportion. However, where a crop of this significance is desired it should be done at the earliest possible opportunity. To retain a high resolution (and so the potential to print to a good size in the future) at this stage I also resize (scale in Filterstorm) to a minimum of 1,500px x 1,500px but normally aim for 2,000px x 2,000px:

ScratchCam ~ apply textured effects:

Filterstorm - crop / resize / ScratchCam - texture

Filterstorm ~ Clone out bottom 2 wires:

This was purely for aesthetic reasons:

Filterstorm - clone

Snapseed ~ Apply ‘Grunge’ Filter:

Snapseed - grunge

Filterstorm ~ clone again to clean:

Filterstorm - clone

PicFX ~ Apply ‘Scratches One’ Filter:

PicFX - Scratches One

Pixlromatic+ ~ Apply ‘Local’ Filter:

Pixlromatic+ - local filter


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