An image full of anonymity. An unknown figure walks through Lincoln Stonebow pursued by a number of shadowy figures. This is my artistic rather than documentary interpretation of an initial Hipstamatic iPhoneography image.

This is typical of the style I aim for. I enjoy trying to build atmosphere into what can initially be quite ordinary street scenes. It seems almost standard practice to use black and white to capture street scenes and I enjoy working in monochrome. I feel it highlights light and simplifies scenes where colour can complicate the atmosphere.

During my earliest iPhoneography days I was very much against the idea of manipulating Hipstamatic images. I still believe Hipstamatic is intended to replicate analog film and lens combinations and post processing goes against these principles. However, now I am resolved that they are merely an ingredient to be used as appropriate in the completed image. This may mean no manipulation but often because I work in a very restricted geographical area I use post-processing to introduce a different feeling to an image.

iPhone photography apps used:

iPhoneography - being followed

{ being followed }


Process and apps used

Hipstamatic ~ Initial capture:

Lens ~ Wonder / Film ~ Blanko Noir:

iPhoneography - hipstamatic

Filterstorm ~ Crop to slight landscape proportion and then scale to stretch the image back to square (i.e. unlock the padlock to enable disproportionate resize – specifying individual width and height sizes). Note this process is completed at the earliest possible stage to enable other filters and edits to be added to this ‘base’ image:

Filterstorm - crop / resize / stretch

100CamerasIn1 ~ 2 filters applied ‘Hurried and Anxious through a dark time’ and ‘It was never quite like that to me’:

100camerasIn1 - hurried anxious / never quite like that

Filterstorm ~ use clone to paint the foot which became distorted due to the changed proportions when I resized earlier:

Filterstorm - clone (reshape foot)


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