I guess it might be the season. Short cold damp days seem to be full of grey. I’ve continued capturing and sharing my grainy black and white street scenes but more than ever I’m drawn to colour. This floral iPhoneography image in a painterly textured style feels comforting and fills the void left by the lack of warmth and colour outside.

iPhone photography apps used:

iPhoneography - bedraggled

{ bedraggled }


Process and apps used

ProCamera ~ Initial capture:

iPhoneography - procamera

Snapseed ~ crop to my favourite 1:1 ratio:

Snapseed - crop

PS Express ~ boost exposure twice. Once fully (x1) and once x0.8 { image one }:

PS Express - exposure

Snapseed ~ ‘Grunge’ filter with the central focus moved over the flower { image two }:

Snapseed - grunge

Blender ~ images one and two combined under the Luminosity blend method:

Blender - luminosity

Alt Photo ~ ‘Daguerreotype’ black and white vintage filter applied { image three }:

Alt Photo - daguerreotype

Blender ~ image three and image one combined under the Color blend method:

Blender - color

Snapseed ~ selective adjust. The flower brightness boosted by 100%:

Snapseed - selective adjust

Modern Grunge ~ one of my favourite bespoke textures applied:

iPhoneography - modern grunge

PhotoToaster ~ ‘Serenity’ filter applied. This filter is featuring in a lot of my images at the moment:

I really enjoy the green calming tone it generates. I think it contrasts beautifully with the hot energy provided by the flower. Colour scientists may argue that there is a conflict there between those two feelings but for me that conflict merely serves to emphasise the energy of the orange:

PhotoToaster - serenity

ScratchCam ~ additional texture applied { image four }:

ScratchCam - texture

Superimpose ~ image one layered over the top of image four. Image one masked with the exception of the flower. Layers merged under Hard Light boosting the saturation of the orange flower:

Superimpose - mask- / hard light


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