Anarchist is a composite iPhoneography image. We don’t have a large street art culture in Lincoln so I decided to create some.

I bought a new iPhoneography app a little while ago – Thirty Six. It is described as bringing the joy of black and white film to the iPhone. It’s an interesting app. Images cannot be ‘Chimped’. You wait until the ‘film’ has been filled and then the app develops it. Therefore, you get the sense of anticipation that you get from analog photography. Access to the images is only available after the film is developed. An added benefit (if you are a little tap happy like me) is that because the app generates a contact sheet you think carefully about each tap. I went out for a couple of hours and shot a virtual roll of 36 images.

The background image for this Composite came from my excursion with Thirty Six and there are a few more images together with a look at the contact sheet at the end of the workflow.

iPhone photography apps used:

iPhoneography - anarchist

{ anarchist }


Process and apps used

Thirty Six ~ Initial capture (used for the background layer):

(image one):

iPhoneography - Thirty Six

Exsting iPhoneography Image ~ Skipping (used for the foreground layer):

Skipping - iPhoneography

Superimpose ~ Background and foreground images added. Foreground image:

  • masked using a combination of magic wand and brush,
  • blurred inside 100pct and mask edges 5pct,
  • contrast reduced to 0pct,
  • blended with background using color dodge,

Image saved (image two):

Supermpose - color dodge

Camera+ ~ Image one imported. ‘Darken’ and ‘Ansel’ filters applied:

(image three):

Camera+ - darken / ansel

Camera+ ~ Image two imported. ‘Darken’ and ‘Ansel’ filters applied:

(image four):

Camera+ - darken / ansel

The Camera+ Ansel Filter named after Ansel Adams is quite widely regarded as an iPhoneography classic I think. It gives me a great opportunity (excuse) to share my favourite Ansel Adams quote and one I constantly remember when I think about the reaction to my images:

There are always two people in every picture, the photographer and the viewer.

Ansel Adams

Superimpose ~ Images 3 and 4 imported and blended using ‘Difference’. I noted that when the two images were blended initially some of the texture of the underlying brickwork was lost and this step was to add it back:

(image five):

Superimpose - difference

Superimpose ~ Images 3 and 5 imported and blended using ‘Color Dodge’:

Note: this step and the previous step were actually combined. Image 5 was only exported to demonstrate the interim stage to achieve this finished result.

Actually, Image 5 was created within Superimpose and the layers stamped. Image 3 was then imported as a new foreground layer foreground and background layers were then swapped within the app:

Superimpose - color dodge

Note the difference in the texture of the graffiti before and after these processes:

less detail


more detail



Thirty Six iPhoneography App

I thought I’d take the opportunity to share the contact sheet from the walk that generated this image. At the same time, I’ll share a couple of extra iPhoneography images that I have processed a little more after they were developed.

Another great quote from Ansel Adams puts into perspective what you can expect from one of many contact sheets that you may generate in a year.

Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.

Ansel Adams

Phoneography - Thirty Six contact sheet

{ contact sheet }


derelict church

{ derelict church }


lincoln cathedral

{ lincoln cathedral from the bishops palace }


daughter with attitude

{ daughter with attitude }


coffee shop with attitude

{ coffee shop with attitude }


I’ll finish with another great quote from Ansel Adams.

Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.

Ansel Adams


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