This is a texture blended floral iPhoneography image of a Calfornian Poppy. One of the last plants together with a Sedum and the wonderful species Pelargonium Sidoides still flowering in my courtyard garden.

Purposely quite a low edit. I wanted to create a textured background but with that amazing bright tangerine orange colour, I wanted to maintain as much vibrancy and clarity as possible in the flower. Creating an iPhoneography image like this is a tried and tested process for me now but I do occasionally come up with a new app or a new approach to an issue. I’ve used LensLight in a few workflows but this is the first time I’ve used it in this way. Read on…

iPhone photography apps used:

iphoneography - californian poppy

{ californian poppy }


Process and apps used

Note: None of the apps reduce resolution on iPhone5 or iPad3. The initial capture was at 2,448 x 3,264 (reduced to 2,448 x 2,448 on square crop). I noted that LensLight increased resolution when I processed this image on iPad3 to 3,072 x 3,072.

ProCamera ~ initial capture:

Since upgrading to IOS7 I’ve switched to ProCamera 7 but this was captured before I migrated:

Filterstorm ~ crop to 1:1 ratio:

To this point my aim has always been to maintain a minimum resolution of 2,000px on the shortest side and re-sizing at the time of cropping always seemed sensible. This is purely to maintain the maximum possible quality should I decide to print. This is still a good philosophy I think but operating with images captured on iPhone5 there is more resolution to play. As I normally only use a minimal crop to change proportions re-sizing is becoming less of a requirement. I find Filterstorm excellent for re-sizing but if a re-size is not required most iPhoneography apps will crop to predefined or user defined ratios equally well:

Snapseed ~ drama filter:

Drama filter preset ‘bright 2’ applied with saturation boosted to 50pct which seems to result in no saturation change:

In all my texture blend processes the image at this stage is critical. Inevitably adding textures reduces definition and detail and this quite clean clear image can be used to reintroduce detail at the appropriate point. This can be done in entirety or just to select parts of the image via masking:

This is { image one }:

Screen Grab

Snapseed ~ grunge filter applied:

Snapseed Grunge filter is great for introducing the first hints of texture and blurring. It moves the image away from a photograph and towards a painterly artistic feel. I tend to hit the random button a few times until something emerges that I like and then manually adjust the settings to taste. Sometimes I will re-size and / or move the focal point of the effect but in this case it was maintained as standard – quite large and centered:

Mextures ~ add my own pre-defined texture formula created with the brilliant Mextures iPhoneography app:

This texture is made up of 4 different textures and light effects combined using unique blend methods, opacities and orientations and saved for use on any image as a formula:

This is { image two }:

Screen Grab

Superimpose ~ reintroduce detail:

Applying the textures has lost the vibrancy of the flower, the key part of the image. I therefore import iPhoneography image one over iPhoneography image two and blend them at full opacity under multiply:

Screen Grab

LensLight ~ brighten the bottom left corner:

LensLight is one of those apps I tend to associate with introducing strong rays of light or other light effects such as ‘sun’ in to iPhoneography images and I have used it to do that on a number of occasions:

For this image though I just wanted to brighten the bottom left quarter of the image which I felt was a little dark. I turned to LensLight and used the ‘White Cone’ effect with a reduced brightness:

Screen Grab


I am delighted that ‘californian poppy’ has been featured by The App Whisperer:

See the feature together with other featured images at The App Whisperer.

We have just finished curating this weeks’ Flickr Group Showcase, our 38th of the year and once again, it is outstanding and full of incredible mobile photography and art. It is a joy to curate and a pleasure to view. If you would like to be considered for our weekly Flickr Group Showcase, please upload your images to our dedicated Flickr group.

Joanne Carter ~ The App Whisperer


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  1. Sara McCracken says:

    thank you so much for the view inside your mind while editing. It is really helpful to see the process

  2. Californian Poppy says:

    […] Full workflow with images at each stage on my blog at Skipology […]

  3. Jelly Beans says:


    Could you give us some insight into your Mextures “special sauce” recipe?



    • Paul Brown says:

      Hi Jelly Beans, of course. For this image it’s called ‘Poppy’ and it can be imported via HWATGDQ – just need to keep in mind that it is strong and will wash away detail if you don’t add it back.

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