Textured painterly seascape iPhoneography image. I have been on a run of floral iPhoneography workflows recently and still have more to post. I thought I would mix it up a bit with this heavily painterly processed seascape image.

I escaped Lincoln for a few days with the family and spent a long weekend at the coast. It was great to get close to the sea again although the weather was a bit bland. This iPhoneography image includes my own first use of Distressed FX having been introduced to it by a whole host of wonderful iPhoneography artists whose work I admire (you know who you are).

iPhone photography apps used:

seascape iPhoneography - horizon

{ horizon }


Process and apps used

Hipstamatic ~ initial capture. We were on a beach train driving in and out of sea and I grabbed a couple of shots as best I could. No opportunity on a moving vehicle to spend a lot of time on composition so the images were always going to need a little work:

This combo is Tinto 1848 lens with D-Type Plate film:

Filterstorm ~ Quite a significant crop. Changing the ratio to 4:5 and taking the opportunity to resize back to 2,000px at the longest side:

Snapseed ~ Straighten tool used to provide a level horizon:

Laminar Pro ~ time to start introducing some colour. I select the vintage filter (applied at 100pct) and the Retro filter (applied at 30pct) to introduce a range of blue tones in keeping with the scene:

PhotoToaster ~ Clarify filter applied. The iPhoneography image at this stage is in need of sharpening up to pull out some detail and this is a great filter for that:

Distressed FX ~ Birds effect and Charm texture added:

{ version one }:

Distressed FX ~ I was unhappy with the sky and so decided to create a second version. Egret effect and Charm texture added:

{ version two }:

Superimpose ~ { version two } layered over { version one } with a rectangular mask applied with blurred edges to feather the effect covering the sea area. The two layers are blended under the ‘color’ method at 20pct:

What on earth are you talking about Skip??? Please refer to my Superimpose video tutorials to see this process in action:

100CamerasIn1 ~ I love the title of the actions in this app. I selected ‘It seemed like such a good plan’ set to minimum. Note this app changes the proportions to 1:1 ratio. This wasn’t my initial intention and I could have worked round it by changing canvas size but I decided to go with it:

Filterstorm ~ saturation reduced by 50pct:


Narrated video tutorial


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  1. Livingsta says:

    Wow, this is really really beautiful. I am in awe, looking at how a black and white picture has been so intelligently and creatively worked on to get the final awesome result. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Skip Junior says:

    It’s great 🙂

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