As I reflect on the end of the third full year that I have enjoyed mobile photography and iPhoneography specifically, it’s a great time to take a step back, take stock and think about what I’ve done and what I’d like to do next.


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Instagram : My images you liked the most in 2014:

I try to publish one iPhoneography image per day to my @Skipology Instagram feed. I am more likely to miss a day than publish twice. (Note positions were correct as at the year end but some images have received subsequent attention).


Number 5 : Horses of #Lincoln West Common

This monochrome iPhoneography image was captured on a foggy later Autumn morning on Lincoln West Common. The foggy atmosphere is enhanced with some texture work via my own Mextures formula.

Number 4 : Fly away

Fog creates my favourite atmosphere and this image was captured and processed in a similar style to No5. It was also captured on Lincoln West Common.

Number 3 : Walking the dogs

I make no apology that this is another foggy scene captured on Lincoln West Common. I firmly believe that people enhance any image.

Number 2 : Morning Song

This is a very low edit image for me grabbed in the Victorian West End area of Lincoln where I live.

Number 1 : Reading the Sign

I make no apology for going back to my photography roots with this image. Back to the beautiful West Common in Lincoln, back to the foggy conditions I love, back to including strangers in images, back to Mextures for adding that extra atmosphere and back to the added feeling that black and white images always generate for me.



Workflows : Most viewed iPhoneography workflows in 2014:

I don’t look at stats at all. Skipology isn’t about generating traffic. If it were I’d publish more regularly and route everything through it instead of my Facebook page or my Twitter feed. However, the people from WordPress were kind enough to email me an end of year report and so I thought I’d share a top 5. Actually, apart from my homepage my most popular page is my app index. These are my most viewed iPhoneography workflows in 2014.


Number 5 : iPhone photography tutorial – motion blur

iPhoneography tutorial which was initially intended to look at motion blur. The nature of the image I wanted to work on means that I also look at cloning to clean up an unfortunate composition together with masking and blending to reintroduce colour. Read more…

Number 4 : iPhone photography tutorial – texture blend app stacking

iPhoneography tutorial using four of my go to apps for adding texture to images together with my go to layering app for blending multiple images together in layers. I guess this is a pretty good definition of app stacking. App stacking comes with advantages and disadvantages… Read more…

Number 3 : Instagram – 4 ways to share portrait or landscape photographs

Instagram is a sharing network I use daily. It’s great for square images but what if you want to share portrait or landscape ratio iPhoneography images? Read more…

Number 2 : textured iPhone photography – Mextures iphoneography app

If I were to list iPhone photography apps for texture blending, Mextures would be right at the top. It’s such an important app to me because Texture Blending and Painterly iphoneography styles are amongst my favourites. 4 of my 5 top Instagram images of the year made massive use of it. Read more…

Number 1 : iPhone photography – 10 must have iPhoneography apps

My go to iPhoneography apps. I normally blog my end to end process from capture through processing to the end result with all of the images shown at each stage. My concern is that I tend to share my more complex iPhone photography. Perhaps therefore the apps that I use day to day get ignored. This is certainly true for a handful of apps. If you are new to iPhoneography and looking to cover as many bases as possible with as few apps as possible then these iPhone photography apps come with my recommendation. Read more…




iPhone photography apps : Most viewed via Skipology:

Having identified ‘iPhone photography – 10 must have iPhoneography apps‘ as my most read article, it’s worth looking at which apps are being clicked on. Clearly this will be influenced by how much attention I give them in workflows and across social media.


Number 5 : Superimpose

superimpose - color burn 70pct - mask

I use this iPhone photography app a lot. Very few of my workflows don’t involve layering / masking / blending and this is my iPhoineography app of choice for that process. Its downside is that it only works with 2 layers at a time. If you want a souped up version of Superimpose then it’s younger big brother (figure that one out) is Leonardo. I use them both. I rarely use any other app for these processes. I have a number of video and screen grab tutorials for Superimpose which is one of the few apps that I do believe needs a time investment to learn.

Superimpose workflows | Superimpose initial video tutorial | Download Superimpose

Number 4 : Tadaa SLR

VSCOcam - Made It Home

I suspect Tadaa SLR makes it into the top 5 because it constantly changes its price and can often be downloaded for free. This app is all about replicating depth of field / depth of focus and it’s very capable. I know some regard it as the best app in this area so if you can grab it for free then it’s a worthwhile acquisition. However, when it is not free it very often has a higher price point than its peers and for my money there are slightly better apps with this functionality (AfterFocus and Big Lens amongst others). I wrote an article all about this.

Depth of field workflows (using AfterFocus) | Download Tadaa SLR

Number 3 : ProCamera8

iphone photography - school run

Just absolutely the definitive camera replacement app for the iPhone. Others may have more functionality but weigh that against factors like ease of use and battery life and you really can’t find anything better (in my opinion). IOS8 was released in 2014 and unleashed more functionality for camera developers. This is definitely an area to keep an open mind on and watch as functionality evolves in 2015 but right now I’m sticking with ProCamera8. I’ve also taken the plunge and purchased its VividHDR in app purchase which is excellent.

ProCamera8 workflows | Download ProCamera8

Number 2 : Instaflash Pro

poppy - one of my most popular on instagram

I think of this app as a souped up Snapseed. It doesn’t include all of Snapseed’s texture and Retrolux style functions (Snapseed is free so grab it anyway) but it does give a massive amount of much more advanced and specific editing control. For example if you want to increase or decrease the saturation or brightness of the dark blues in an image you can do so easily without messing with complicated levels or curves. (I selected dark blue not randomly but because it’s a great tool for adjusting skies… hint hint).

Instaflash Pro workflows | Download Instaflash Pro

Number 1 : Stackables


Stackables and Mextures are very similar apps. I use them both a lot. For my taste Stackables textures suit a more painterly style and Mextures textures suit a more vintage / film style but I imagine we all use them in different ways. Along with Distressed FX this collection of three apps give an amazing collection of textures. Stackables also has an iPad version which also features in my top 10 most clicked apps so my friends clearly like the look of this app. With good reason. They also have a very active community / hash tag on Instagram and some of the features they share there are truly inspirational.

Stackables tutorial | Stackables formulas | Stackables workflows | Download Stackables for iPhone and/or iPad

UPDATE: Stackables app has been retired since this image was created.

There are a number of possible alternative apps. My recommendation is Mextures. Mextures and Stackables are similar in both appearance and workflow. Specifically, just like Stackables, Mextures comes supplied with multiple textures, effects and filters which can be applied in a limitless combination. The formula can then be saved for repeated application to any number of iPhone images.

View my Mextures workflows.



I hope you enjoyed my review of 2014. Most importantly, I would like to thank you all for the amazing support you give me. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you again. I have just launched a more detailed new post notification service. If you enjoy my work and would like an email when new articles are published (rarely more than one per week) please subscribe to Skipology. Thank you.



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