Textured painterly floral iPhoneography image. One of the first perennial plants to grace our garden is this incredibly forgiving plant and a real favourite of mine. I’m also introducing a new app in to my workflow, Title FX.

Euphorbia Robbiae is just such a versatile and beautiful plant with its understated floral show. It grows in dry shade where the lime green flowers really glow. When these beauties appear I know that the worst of winter is over and the long shadows of spring are likely just around the corner.

iPhone photography apps used:

iphoneography - euphorbia

{ euphorbia }


Process and apps used

ProCamera ~ initial capture. Focal and exposure points are individually set and locked. My subject is back-lit against an opaque window with a sunlit light source. I therefore set and lock the exposure point away from this area to expose the subject as accurately as possible and overexpose the background. I find ProCamera a great iPhoneography app for this process:

Filterstorm ~ Crop to my preferred 1:1 aspect ratio and then as all of my iPhoneography is captured with an iPhone4 I increase the resolution to 2,000 x 2,000. At 300dpi this will give a good quality final print size. All subsequent processing is carried out at the final resolution. If printing is possible it is critical to get the final resolution set early in the process:

PS Express ~ Exposure adjustments made. In this case I boost exposure x1 which generates quite a washed out overexposed image but this is corrected in future edits:

{ image one }:

Snapseed ~ the must have iPhoneography app. Drama filter applied with standard settings but exposure boosted to start the painterly look. Various selective adjust points also added to boost brightness and reduce contrast. This generates a clean background:

Snapseed ~ Grunge filter applied with the focal area moved towards the flower. Generally this process is random but once an effect emerges that I like I adjust the settings:

Modern Grunge ~ Very similar to Snapseed Grunge I will often allow random effects to be generated and then adjust them manually. For example I rarely want a very significant grungy border and this can be removed after the effect has been generated. I do save my favourite combinations and sometimes I will select a preset I have already created:

{ image two }:

Superimpose ~ { image one } applied over { image two } under soft light blend:

This is { image three }

Title FX ~ narrative added to the image using the Journal font. Title FX is the best iPhoneography app I have found for adding text to an image:

This is { image four }

Superimpose ~ { image four } layered over { image three } with a linear gradient mask applied to feather in the text. The two layers are blended under the ‘luminosity’ method at 50pct:

What on earth are you talking about Skip??? Please refer to my Superimpose video tutorials to see this process in action:

Title FX ~ image brought back in to Title FX to add the final grey plant name text. Once again Journal font is chosen:


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  1. RegiB says:

    I love these tutorials! Kind of working away From apps that do all for me (painterly) for example. It really is kind of you to share your work. I do lots of flowers so I want to start working with them in a minimalistic way but also painterly and textures are my favorites. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Skip says:

      Hi Regi, thank you for your really kind comments. Delighted that you enjoyed your visit and I hope you enjoy future tutorials also.

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