Thank you to EyeEm who selected my iPhoneography image ‘Puddles’ as one of their 25 picks for this week’s challenge ‘Priceless’. I am extremely honoured. Congratulations also to the other 24 images.


{ puddles }



The Feature

Their blog post which can be viewed here (new window) shows all 25 images and states…

What is priceless to you? That’s what we’ve asked and you’ve submitted plenty of beautiful answers. 1366 photos were contributed by 589 people from 41 different countries, 263 cities and 456 different locations.

There aren’t much more words to say here. Just look at all those priceless moments captured all around the world. Thank you everyone who took part in this mission & congrats to those who made it on the list!

Now here we go with our 25 favorite photos of Priceless


About Puddles

Puddles is as always iPhone only (iPhone4) and is a low edit iPhoneography image. It was originally captured on Hipstamatic in colour. Subsequently it was edited in Snapseed to crop away the border, add the vignetting and blur and complete the black and white conversion.

A classic British scene, it could be captured at any time of the year in this country!


About EyeEm

EyeEm is a free photo sharing app to discover places & things you love, with every photo you take. Visit EyeEm (new window) to learn more.

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