I was really honoured to be invited to share some images and thoughts on iPhoneography and mobile photography in general with AMPt (Advanced Mobile Photography Team). I have been described as many things in my time but ‘trail blazer’ is certainly a new one to add to the list. The feature which was published yesterday is part of the AMPt Jedi series. Thank you to Frank Matthews for going easy on the questions!

AMPt Jedi Feature

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The Feature

The feature starts…

Hailing from Lincoln (UK) Paul “Skip” Brown’s images are a cross between Street and Mobile Artistry. Paul is an expert when it comes to adding emotion and mood to his images. He has a way of capturing that “moment” sometimes editing with very little adjustment to the original and other times editing with a full array of editing tools. That’s how talented Paul is. He can go any direction and make a masterpiece. Please welcome prize winning iPhoneographer Paul brown as we discuss mobile photography…


It would be unfair of me to replicate the article here but the questions I discussed are:

    Frank: Please share a bit about yourself, your heritage, cultural identity, and the focus of your work.
    Frank: When and how did you first become interested in mobile photography?
    Frank: It’s interesting that you think many people will start investing in DSLRs after using a mobile device. Why do you feel that way?
    Frank: What are some of your influences?
    Frank: How does it feel to be able to connect with people all around the world. Do you think the social aspect of mobile photography has helped with its popularity? Explain why or why not.
    Frank: your pretty active on Instagram and Google plus. What are the biggest differences between the the 2 platforms and do you prefer one over the other? Why?
    Frank: How do you create the atmosphere in your images? How and what specific techniques and apps do you use to accomplish this?
    Frank: You said that you shoot everyday. Where and how often will you shoot everyday!
    Frank: Any tips you would give someone want new to mobile photography?
    Frank: So what’s next for you in the mobile photography world?
    Frank: Do you have anything to add?

To read the rest of the article, my opinions and view the images please visit the AMPt site… (contd.)


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