I was honoured that my unedited double exposure Hipstamatic only iPhoneography image ‘green man’ was selected to be featured by Hipstography as their Photo of the Day.

Hipstamatic is the only photography application I use. I love the way it looks, its rebellious spirit, its edgy, unpredictable side and of course the results it produces. Thanks to Hipstamatic I have rediscovered my love of photography. I would go so far as to say that Hipstamatic has changed my life considerably, day to day. Since I have been using it, I have been travelling the world more and more, with the sole purpose of taking pictures.

I am no great fan of editing images and I have no desire to spend ages changing a photo using the myriad of apps available on the market. Hipstamatic does not produce perfect pictures, but that is precisely what is so great about it.

Eric ~ Hipstography

iphoneography - green man

{ green man }

On Tuesdays I go for a walk with my children to take my daughter to her piano lesson. My son and I have 30 minutes together and we head off somewhere often to take photographs. He has an iTouch and I normally use my iPhone. Today we found ourselves on our local Common and there wasn’t too much happening so we made our own fun. My son was running around the trees and I noticed he was thinner than the trunk so I had the idea for the shot. Hipstamatic is loaded with my preferred combination at the moment which is Lucifer VI Lens, AO DLX film, no flash. I set it for a double exposure and found a fence post to rest my iPhone on. I wanted the only difference between the 2 exposures to be the presence of my son. I turned it into a game. The first exposure I asked him to stand in front of the tree, then I asked him to hide behind the tree and took the second exposure. My son got a massive kick from the result.




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