I was really honoured just before the festive period to be invited to contribute an image to mobileartistry on Instagram. I decided to create some iPhoneography to debut with them rather than re-share an existing image and so ‘Encore’ was born.


{ encore }



The Feature

The feature which can be viewed here (new window) states…

Tonight’s submission is from Paul (known to most as Skip) aka @Phoneograph, let’s hear about his process. I share the process behind many of my images on my blog which shows the image at each stage from capture to conclusion. I will do the same with this one but for now a text description seems appropriate. ‘Encore’ is the name of the image and it’s inspiration came from the interaction between my daughter and my Nan at my Nan’s 92nd Birthday recently. My Nan has one of those old fashioned photographs of her sisters and her that have been manually recoloured and I wanted to try to simulate that on iPhone. This unpublished image was created specifically for @mobileartistry (new window) and I am honoured to be invited to contribute.

I will blog this process showing the image at each stage but for the purposes of the feature the process outlined in text is as follows:

  1. ProCamera to capture.
  2. Snapseed to crop 1:1 ratio (image one)
  3. PS Express to boost exposure twice (image two).
  4. ProHDR used to import images one and two and create a ‘fake’ HDR. Contrast slider moved all the way to the left to produce even colours – gives a vintage painted feel (image three).
  5. Snapseed Grunge (minimal texture at around 10) and Retrolux filters applied – desaturates and adds aged / vintage effects and textures (image four).
  6. Superimpose – with image four as the background, image three imported and three foreground masks created to reintroduce the painted colours but in varying ways – 3 masks enables the 3 elements to be added and levels controlled individually. The 3 foreground masks were:
    1. Violin – full opacity ‘overlay’ blend with interior and exterior blurred by around 10%.
    2. Skin areas and hair – full opacity ‘color’ blend with edges blurred 10%. The mask was applied a second time with some additional masking this time full opacity ‘hard light’, reduced contrast and saturation boosted to 100%.
    3. Dress and Shoes – 40% ‘normal’ blend with edges blurred 10%. Mask applied a second time with the dress masked to leave just the shoes which were blended as full opacity ‘normal’ with a small edge blur. Saved.
  7. LensLight used to introduce the light effect enhancing the light already entering the image from the right (Cloud Rays 2).
  8. PhotoToaster Serenity filter applied.
  9. Modern Grunge one of my own pre-sets applied.

The process is included for information purposes – most of all I just hope you enjoy my image. Any questions please just ask.


About MobileArtistry

MobileArtistry is creative edits, beautiful images, unique perspectives, stellar shots, and happy accidents. IE, stuff you won’t find on the pop page. Through this ongoing project we hope to expose people to art and artists they may not normally get to see, learn about one another’s process, and encourage each other to push the limits of creativity. Please limit your tags to 2 a day. For the fastest reply, direct your questions to our admins, @computerjones, @momma2maxh (private), & @wolfeaugen (private) (all open in new windows). Thank you.

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