Thank you to AMPt (Advanced Mobile Photography Team) for inviting me to contribute an iPhoneography image for a Jedi feature. A real honour. I created ‘through the arches’ especially for the feature.


The Feature

Through the Arches iPhoneography - AMPt Jedi

{ through the arches }


“Feature Jedi” – features established mobile artists

It’s no secret that there is already a growing list of seasoned mobile artists that create amazing images with mobile devices. Amazing in such a way that they challenge us to be better. These people mean something special to us. We wish we could have their art hanging up in our houses. The reason the mobile community has changed our lives so much is because of these people. They give us feedback, they build relationships with us, and most of all, they indirectly make us better photographers. They allow us to see their world through the screen of an iPhone. They allow us to see our world in a brand new way. AMPt calls these people: Jedi. They are the masters of their craft. They have the Force.

Again, the focus on Instagram is due to it being a great source of mobile photography talent; we are featuring these talents here and on our Google+ Page to help promote these fine artists outside the confines of IG.


AMPT Jedi photo by Paul Brown @Phoneograph


'Through The Arches' ~ composite heavily processed painterly effect image of my daughter walking away from me through the Stonebow Arch in my home town of Lincoln. The image was shot specifically for AMPt which is unusual in that I had to go hunting for the image whereas I prefer to capture what comes to me. In that sense I see my capture style as more 'fisherman' than 'hunter'.


I shot the image with a specific style in mind but as always I allow the image a degree of freedom to take it's own path through the editing process. The edit process was therefore partly planned and partly adapted. Apps and comments:


  • Capture and create the foundation image:
    1. 6×6 – almost all my iPhoneography is square format and I find 6×6 a really excellent app. I used motion in the capture which is where all the image distortion was generated. Moving with a swift down up 180 degree motion clicking at approximately 90 degrees. I do this quite a lot at the moment.
    2. Snapseed – rotate to straighten the image.
    3. FrontView – straighten verticals and alter perspectives.
    4. Filterstorm – crop retaining the 1:1 aspect ratio, clone to touch up where necessary and resize to 2,000 x 2,000 (I always try to get finished resolution set at an early stage so that other edits / layers are applied at the already established final resolution).
  • Artistic editing process:
    1. Iris 80's Filter set to minimum.
    2. Camera+ used to crop the image to the figure and save a copy of just the figure.
    3. Filterstorm used to clone out the figure completely from the original image.
    4. Superimpose used to re-add the figure back into the image but shifted right – purely for aethetic reasons.
    5. Rays used to enhance the light coming towards me through the arch.
    6. Snapseed – Drama filter at 50% with saturation 100% and Vintage filter with standard pre-sets but texture boosted to 100%.
    7. Filterstorm used to clone in a shadow for the figure some of which had disappeared due to previous processing.
    8. Superimpose – Balloon added to the image from a different image.
    9. BlurFX – centre of ballon blurred to blend in with the background image more cleanly.
    10. ScratchCam used to stamp scratch and texture layers at individual opacity settings and finally as the image was already in ScratchCam I used it to reduce saturation by adding a B&W colours layer set at 50% opacity (approx).


Paul (known as Skip to friends) is an exhibited and prize winning iPhoneographer from Lincoln, England.

My work features prominently at Photogenix Lincoln a collaboration with my sister Carly, a freelance private, commercial, location and studio photographer.

For me, when I first held my iPhone in February 2011 the fire was lit once again for photography and it was only because of my iPhone that I went on to dig out my old SLR and ultimately invest in a DSLR. However, my main interest lies in iPhoneography and having established Photogenix for Carly I started questioning what I really wanted for myself. Establishing seemed a logical and very natural step to take.

xUpdate Since this article was written I am migrating to as it is more mobile friendly.

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