Delighted that I have been invited to include my iPhoneography image ‘Raining Leaves’ (also titled ‘Autumn Walk’) in mObilepixatiOn’s ‘piXel revOlution’ mobile arts exhibition at London’s Unit24 Gallery.

iPhoneography - autumn walk

{ Exhibited at piXelrevOlution in London ~ ‘Raining Leaves’ }


xUpdate see a picture of my image hanging in the gallery on my Facebook Page (new window): here.


About ‘piXel revOlution’



We are delighted to announce the official launch of mObilepixatiOn and kindly invite you to join us to celebrate at our private view on 5th December 2012 from 18:30 until 21:00 at Unit24 Gallery.

Come join the piXel revOlution… Introducing a show entirely dedicated to mObile art or iPhoneography! The world around us is changing faster than ever, and nowhere quite as fast as in the fields of technology and social media. Trending now: mobile photography is a direct result of this and is fast emerging as a new art form. Join us in a celebration of the advent of this new genre and all the avenues it is opening, and the boundaries it is crossing in terms of creative potential and community spirit. Photography will never be the same again…

This is a curated photography based mobile arts exhibition featuring the finest current mobile artists, each represented by one piece of fabulous printed work for your delectation. This first artist showcase will be followed next year with more in depth shows. Selected film and animation work will also be screened! The exhibition will run until the 21 December and all work will be available for sale with a charity auction planned for 19 December.

This event marks the launch of mObilepixatiOn as a curating vehicle and key promoter of mobile arts in Europe and worldwide. The project is hosted by Unit24 Gallery, who are committed to supporting and exhibiting art in London, LA and Warsaw. Together Unit24 Gallery and mObilepixatiOn are creating an international platform for the collaborative creations of artists working with mobile media including photography, art, film, animation and installation.

Please RSVP to

What I had to say about me and ‘Raining Leaves’

Paul Brown (Skip) @phoneograph

@phoneograph, Skip is an exhibited and prize winning iPhoneographer from Lincoln, England. He is a member of the global ‘AMPt Community’ (Advanced Mobile Photography Team) and a managing member of Lincolnshire based regional mobile photography Group ‘InstaChimps’.

Previous London exhibitions include images at ‘My World Shared’ and ‘Pixel This’ – a curated charity exhibition where he was honoured to exhibit alongside celebrities such as Stephen Fry, Ruby Wax, Peter Capaldi and Alexander Siddig.

In addition to exhibiting at mObilepixatiOn, Skip is also one of 32 finalists in the Photobox Motographer of The Year 2012 with his image ‘Skipping’.

I believe mobile photography to be a very open and accessible community and will happily share processes and techniques via my mobile photography blog. My style tends towards painterly achieved through composite processing techniques, blending elements from multiple images. The aim of the final image is to capture or create an atmosphere rather than a scene. I also enjoys straight out of camera style candid street shots and most other genres.“

Raining Leaves

This piece is a composite work inspired by Skip’s family, the season, and the urban environment he spends his time exploring. His most recent collection is titled ‘less than one mile from home’ and whilst this piece doesn’t feature in that collection it is typical of his style and the restricted geographical reach he challenges himself to explore with originality.

xUpdate Since this article was written I am migrating to as it is more mobile friendly.

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