Foggy Lincoln West Common is a low edit iPhone photography image. Not my normal style at first glance but there is something in this image that I constantly try to capture or create – atmosphere. In this case all I needed to do was capture it and then edit it in a sympathetic manner.

Actually, there was a little more to it. There were some very basic issues with the initial capture which just needed a little bit of work. Things that could be easily left alone but for me and my taste needed resolving. So landscape iPhone photography in a low edit style – the rarest of rare things from me!

iPhone photography apps used:

iPhone photography - foggy lincoln west common

{ foggy lincoln west common }


Process and apps used

ProCamera ~ initial capture:

Snapseed ~ at this stage I was very keen on the image but wasn’t absolutely certain how I wanted to process it. I had a little doodle in Snapseed messing around with Drama, Grunge and various other filters. At this early stage it became clear that this image really needed a low edit approach. Whilst in Snapseed I simply adjusted the landscape ratio by cropping to 5:4:

Filterstorm ~ having cropped the image it was clear that the lamp post at the left edge was a distraction. It was badly positioned and the vertical alignment was distorted by the 35mm equivalent focal length. For such a small object it hindered the serene atmosphere. Using Filterstorm’s excellent cloning tool I cloned it away in short order. (Note, Filterstorm has an excellent cropping tool and with the benefit of hindsight, Snapseed wasn’t really required at all for this iPhoneography project):

Filterstorm ~ a stereotypical view of iPhone photography is that all images are square. This is a landscape so surely landscape proportions are appropriate? After all I already cropped to a 5:4 ratio! What can I say, I had a change of mind. I didn’t want to lose any existing canvas but equally I wanted more fog which I felt would enhance the serene atmosphere. I therefore increased the canvas size to a 1:1 ratio and cloned the new canvas (This was done before I became aware of the Handy Photo magic crop feature which may have been a quicker option):

VSCOcam ~ I love this app. I don’t use it enough. I plan to look through my archives to see if I have some unpublished forgotten iPhoneography that I can use with VSCOcam and its brilliant range of understated analog effect filters. There’s a great selection as standard but I’ve gone ahead and bought the whole in app purchase range. I’ve also set myself up with a beautifully minimal VSCO grid and at the same time snagged a personal domain for it – (new window):


I am delighted that ‘foggy lincoln west common’ has been featured by these great mobile photography blogs and organisations:


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Mobile photography is a subject that is evolving, capturing everyone’s attention and imaginations along the way. Mobiography is a blog that focuses on the subject of Mobile Photography, iPhoneography and how to take stunning photographs with your smartphone camera.

Andy ~ Mobiography


iPhoneography Central:

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Nicki Fitz-Gerald ~ iPhoneography Central


Curated VSCO Grid:

Unfortunately I cannot link directly to my image on the curated grid but the latest images can be viewed here.

foggy lincoln west common on curated VSCO Grid

{ foggy lincoln west common – VSCO Grid }

Skip, your image has been selected for the curated VSCO Grid™, a collection of the finest mobile imagery on the internet..

The VSCO Team


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  1. James Mochan says:

    Thank you for sharing Skip. I really appreciate that you share your workflows with the community…..

  2. J Buck says:

    Very nice minimalist editing here, thanks for sharing! What was the preset you used in VSCOcam? I love the app and recently picked up one of their film packs for my desktop edits. Good stuff all around!

    • Skip says:

      Thank you J, delighted you enjoy. There’s a preset to suit every image but this style really suits it I think. This was the M5 preset which is one of the free ones in the app. As Richard mentioned is his post, I think the mobile app is designed to encourage desktop purchases. I’m sure it will do.

  3. dieuwke geervliet says:

    Congratulations! On creating such a stunning image and on being featured. Well deserved!!

  4. Geri says:

    Such a great accomplishment! Congrats. It’s a beautiful image.

  5. Jane Dolan says:


    I just found your website the other day: beautiful work! I especially love your floral still lives. And your generosity with workflow is awesome!


    Jane in San Francisco

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