I really enjoy painterly or textured mobile photography processing. The number of iPhone apps available capable of generating any number of effects is staggering. Occasionally, I stumble across a new (to me) app and it gives me an opportunity to revisit old edits with a new tool.

Painterly mobile photography

I have written a large number of textured / painterly iPhoneography workflows and other articles. These can be viewed at my ‘Textured | painterly iPhone photography archive’.

I keep my eye out for iPhone / iPad apps reduced in price, going free or newly released. There can be pages of them every day. Obviously I focus on those related to photography but there are still many promotions to sort through.

Once I know what’s available I look for apps I already know and use and share those with my friends on my Facebook page. Then I use my knowledge of app developers and apps I’m aware of and download and share those. Finally, if an app is totally unknown but looks interesting I’ll download it, play with it and then share it if I like it.

This weekend Aquarella HD an app by Jixipix Software caught my eye when it went free. Jixipix are developers I rate. Their apps include Rainy Daze and Dramatic Black & White. I immediately downloaded it and shared the news on my Facebook Page.

The really great thing about this iPhoneography app is that it gave me an opportunity to revisit some old edits with a new eye. I see it as part of an app stacking workflow but for demonstration purposes all except one of these sample images are textured exclusively with it.


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iPhone photography apps used:

aquarella - muscari

{ watercolour – muscari }


A re-edit of my Muscari image showcased by iPhoneography Central and Stackables.


aquarella - street

{ watercolour – street }


A re-edit of one of the images from my Lincoln on a Foggy Afternoon series which was showcased by iPhoneography Central and Mobiography.

This image also uses Superimpose to blend in a small area of a masked Glaze version. This app stacking adds a little detail to the watercolour effect on the building.


aquarella - lucifer

{ watercolour – lucifer }


A re-edit of ‘Lucifer‘ my floral texture blended iPhoneography workflow.


aquarella - landscape

{ watercolour – landscape }


A re-edit of ‘morning has broken‘ my landscape iPhoneography workflow looking in detail at Mextures which was also featured by Art Of Mob.


aquarella - poppy

{ watercolour – californian poppy }


A re-edit of ‘Californian Poppy‘ my floral textured iPhoneography workflow which was also featured by The App Whisperer.

It also proved to be my ‘most interesting’ image on Flickr in 2013.


Get the iPhoneography apps mentioned in this article

Apps used in this article:

  • Aquarella – iPhone or iPad version. By Jixipix whose apps I rate. Gives a wide range of watercolour textures and finishes

  • Superimpose my personal go to app for layers masking and blending processes

  • Glaze converts images into a wide range of painterly styles



I hope you enjoyed my thoughts about revisiting old edits with new apps. Please follow my Facebook Page to keep up to date not only on my articles but also on my image a day and deals and updates on the apps I use.



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  1. Dan says:

    These are really beautiful Skip. Aquarella does a really nice job of softening the image. Another tool for the photo editing toolbox.

    • Paul Brown says:

      Thank you very much Dan. I’ve been using it a bit since together with Glaze and Handy Photo sketch tool as a painterly app stack combination. They compliment each other well. My next article will take a more detailed look I think.

  2. Chris says:


    Just curious, how do you keep track of all the apps that are on-sale or gone free? Can this be done from iPhone itself? I try to check up also, but haven’t found a way besides manually writing names down from your articles and remembering to search them up one by one every once in a while. 🙂


    • Paul Brown says:

      Hi Chris, I just keep an eye on the appshopper website from time to time and when I see an app I use with news I share it. Sometimes I’ll take a punt on a free app I don’t know too but I don’t tend to share that unless I really like it. Cheers. Skip.

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