Mrs Whistler is a candid street iPhone photography image originally captured in Hipstamatic. I have used my Mrs Whistler capture to demonstrate three processing methods, the other two relating to depth of field via my freelensing simulations and a painterly processing style.

This iPhone photography tutorial uses the single initial image together with masking and blending techniques to manipulate the scene and create a fake foggy atmosphere. It continues a process I have been focusing in recently.

iPhone photography apps used:

Mrs Whistler - foggy

{ mrs whistler – foggy edit }



Process and apps used

Oggl / Snapseed / Filterstorm ~ the starting point for this workflow is an image already edited to this point in my ‘iPhoneography street workflow – { Mrs Whistler? }‘ workflow:

It is an image created in Oggl, with the Drama filter added in Snapseed and then the Freedom 13 Hipstamatic iPhoneography film logo cloned out using Filterstorm:

Superimpose Videos

This article makes significant use of Superimpose. For a more detailed look at Superimpose a review of my other articles featuring video tutorials may assist if you are unfamiliar with the app.

Superimpose ~ the image is imported as both the foreground and background. A linear gradient mask is created and saved. Filters menu – The foreground contrast is edited by reducing to the maximum extent. Transform menu – The layers are combined under the ‘normal’ blend method:

The saved mask is imported a second time. The foreground contrast is edited as previously. The layers are combined under the ‘screen’ blend method:

Screen Grab

Superimpose ~ I now need to bring the foreground figure back out of the fog:

The previous image is imported as the background and the saved mask applied as the foreground. The following process is adopted:

  • Masks menu – the mask is inverted

  • Masks menu – the figure is masked using a combination of magic wand and brush tools
    Screen Grab

  • Masks menu – the mask is inverted
    Screen Grab

  • Home menu – save the new mask

  • Transform menu – merge the background and foreground under normal with transparency adjusted to taste

Oggl ~ Really the previous stage finished the image. Now it is just a case of deciding what style (if any) I would like to process in. For me this varies quite a lot but in the end I decide to go with a favourite Hipstamatic combination in Oggl of John S Lens and D-Type Plate:

Superimpose ~ Finally I decide to reintroduce colour so with the Oggl version in the background and the saved mask in the foreground (with some additional masking of the D-Type border) I blend the 2 images together to taste (in this case normal with reduced transparency):


Get the iPhoneography apps mentioned in this article


All of the apps used in this workflow are included in my ‘iPhone photography – 10 must have iPhoneography apps‘ article. Other iPhone photography workflows featuring only these apps can be viewed at my ‘essential iPhoneography apps archive‘.


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I hope you enjoyed my iPhone photography workflow. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you again.



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