Candid street iPhone photography showing the process behind the creation of a manipulated foggy atmosphere in a vintage coloured style.

This iPhoneography workflow continues my experimentation into the creation of a false atmosphere from a perfectly normal scene. I think my admiration of Mother Nature’s work when it comes to the magical foggy landscapes she creates is well known. I will never match the feeling she generates and the pleasure of messing around capturing scene after scene in that atmosphere is part of the fun. However, she doesn’t send the fog out to play so often in Lincoln at the moment and so my frustrations lead me to try my best to copy her.

iPhone photography apps used:

feeding the birds - superimpose (soft light)

{ feeding the birds }



Process and apps used

ProCamera7 ~ initial capture:

Filterstorm ~ crop the aspect ratio to 1:1. It’s very rare that I actually crop other than to alter ratio. I also take the opportunity to sharpen the image slightly:

Filterstorm Sharpening

There has been a reasonably significant migration to Filterstorm Neue. It’s got a great interface but it does still lack some of the functionality of the original Filterstorm. When used on iPad Filterstorm sharpening has controls for both amount and threshold levels . A very effective tool.

CameraBag 2 ~ I’m still in doodling mode so to start with decide to change the colour palette slighlty. I import into CameraBag 2 HD and apply the ‘Film NC01’ filter:

Superimpose ~ the image is imported into Superimpose as both the foreground and background image. My trademark (patent pending) fog process is applied:

The following process is adopted:

  • Apply a linear gradient mask. Select ‘filters’ tab and reduce the contrast of the foreground all the way to the left. As always save the mask for future use and then merge the layers under ‘normal’ by selecting the ‘transform’ tab. Load the saved mask, maximise it (scale to fit) repeat the reduced contrast process and merge the two layers together under ‘screen’ method:

    Screen Grab

Oggl ~ the image is imported in to Oggl by Hipstamatic and the classic John S Lens and D-Type plate combination applied:

Superimpose ~ this image was never intended to be black and white. I therefore need to reintroduce the colour:

The Oggl version is imported as the background and the mask saved during the previous Superimpose process is opened as the foreground. The mask is inverted via the ‘masks’ screen and then the layers are merged via the ‘transform’ screen under ‘color’ blend method:

Superimpose ~ in reality the previous image would not have been exported (I saved and exported for demonstration purposes only). Normally the 2 layers would be combined via the ‘merge’ option on the ‘transform’ screen:

The previous process results in the top of the figure disappearing into the foggy atmosphere slightly and so using the magic wand tool I create a new mask so that only the figure from the coat upwards is visible:

This is achieved by masking the figure I don’t want to be masked and once completed inverting the mask. The layers are then combined using ‘soft light’:

Screen Grab


Get the iPhoneography apps mentioned in this article


All of the apps used in this workflow are included in my ‘iPhone photography – 10 must have iPhoneography apps‘ article. Other iPhone photography workflows featuring only these apps can be viewed at my ‘essential iPhoneography apps archive‘.


I hope you enjoyed my iPhone photography workflow. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you again.



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