iPhone photography and social media very often go hand in hand. Many iPhoneography apps have built in social sharing functionality. In some cases the social media capability far exceeds the photographic functionality of the app.

Recently I’ve been thinking about my social media set up and I thought I would share a couple of my own practices. I will use this iPhone portrait of my daughter Rene as an example and explain how and why I shared it in a partly automated and partly manual way.

iPhone photography apps used:

iphone photography - rene

{ rene ~ portrait }


Although this is not a workflow post I will just quickly outline the iPhoneography edit process. The portrait was captured in ProCamera7 and imported into Snapseed with the only adjustment being to reduce saturation. This was to even out the contrasts in the skin tones. It was then imported into Oggl where it was positioned to crop square, and the John S Lens and BlacKeys XF Film combination applied. Finally it was imported in to Title FX where the name ‘Rene’ was added to the bottom right of the image.

Sharing via Instagram

Instagram is my primary entry point in to my social media networks. Although by default it is very well connected it has its issues and so I thought I’d map out my process. The rest of this article focuses entirely on those processes and ignores the networks that I operate autonomously and do not connect to Instagram.

My over-riding reason for automation of processes is functionality and not convenience. The issues I need to address are:

  1. Twitter – Instagram images are no longer shared on Twitter when they are shared from within the app. Instead, a Tweet is generated with whatever text and hash tags you add together with a plain link to the image at Instagram. I work hard to ensure my social media content is image rich. I don’t want to just share a link, I want to share the image too.

  2. Facebook Page – Yes I can connect my Facebook account and for the majority of people, myself included that will be a Facebook profile. However, that means I cannot connect my Facebook Page and share the image there. Within Instagram it is either or.


Initial upload and share to my Facebook profile:

  • Image is uploaded to Instagram:

    iphone photography - instagram post

    My Facebook profile is connected to my Instagram account. Therefore, at the time of posting, I normally select to share to my Facebook profile. This is a decision I make on a case by case basis. This is the only sharing decision I make within the app.

  • Having decided to share the image to my Facebook profile, both the Instagram image and a link to my Instagram post are added to my Facebook timeline. The image is added to an album called ‘Instagram Photos’:

    iPhone photography - Facebook profile timeline


Sharing an Instagram image on Twitter:

I have a Mobile Photographers Twitter list. People I have come across on my social media travels who produce great mobile photography or generate great articles about mobile photography. Some of these friends are missing a trick when it comes to sharing their brilliant work.

It may be by choice and I understand that but what I don’t really understand is why would you share a link to your Instagram image on Twitter without including the image? Feel free to let me have a different perspective on this one in the comments if you see things differently.

My solution:

  • Automatically share Instagram images to Twitter together with the Instagram link by setting up a recipe with IFTTT (If This Then That).

  • The result at Twitter looks like this:

    iphone photography - tweet

    Imagine the same tweet without the image. Not quite the same impact?

    I have long used a recipe which does just this and at the same time adds the #iphoneography hash tag on the end. It occurred to me to make it public, although there are many similar recipes available at IFTTT. If anybody would like to adopt my recipe it is available for all to use:

    IFTTT Recipe: New Instagram images add link to Twitter together with the image plus #iphoneography tag

As an added benefit not only does your Twitter feed come alive with rich content but the image library within your feed is automatically populated.

Instagram feed:

iphone photography - instagram

Twitter image library:

iphone photography - twitter


Sharing an Instagram image to a second Facebook timeline:

This is perhaps less of an opportunity / issue for many people. I have a Facebook Page for my blog and all of my iPhoneography work should really be posted to it. On that basis, and as I like to pick and choose what I post to my Facebook profile it makes sense to:

  • link my Facebook Profile within Instagram to enable me to manually share items on a case by case basis, and

  • set up an auto-posting recipe within IFTTT to share all Instagram images to my Facebook Page.

The result at my Facebook Page looks like this:

Facebook Page Post:

iphone photography - facebook page timeline

Facebook Page ‘Mobile Uploads’ Album:

iphone photography - facebook page album

  • As with Twitter, I have created a recipe which I have long used at IFTTT. Again there will be many similar recipes but I have made it public and so if anybody would like to adopt it please do:

    IFTTT Recipe: All Instagram images added to Facebook Page 'mobile uploads' album and posted to Page timeline.


So about this Twitter list:

  • Skip, I read your blog so that makes me serious about mobile photography can I be added to your curated Twitter list?

    The answer is absolutely – and especially if your Twitter feed is media rich because that’s what I really want to see. If you’re not already included please drop me a Tweet or contact me via any other method and I’ll get you included.

  • Skip, can I subscribe to your Twitter list?

    I have a number of private lists just to help me organise things but my public mobile photographers list is my go to Twitter feed and I encourage anyone to take a flick through it. If it makes good reading / viewing then please do subscribe.

  • Skip, is there a recommended way to read the Twitter list (or any social media content for that matter?

    Well, I’m not an expert but my personal preference is Flipboard. Creating a feed from Twitter is a complicated process these days so I’ve created a Flipboard magazine which incorporates the list in media rich format. It is the best way I’ve found to browse the list so far. Please take a look and feel free to subscribe if you are a Flipboard fan.

    Skipology | flipboard



Update: ‘Rene’ featured by iPhone Photography School – Portrait iPhone Photography Contest Winners.

I was honoured that my iPhoneography image ‘Rene’ was selected to be featured by iPhone Photography School in their recent portrait mobile image contest on Instagram.

Scroll to view

Last week our iPhone photography contest was about portrait photography, and over 330 great iPhone portraits were submitted. Unfortunately I couldn’t publish the contest results on time due to personal reasons, but here are the winners of the portrait photo contest.

Emil Pakarklis

View the full showcase of amazing mobile photography portrait images at iPhone Photography School.


As always, I hope you enjoyed my ramblings, even if this article is slightly outside my normal style. Apparently I should now have a call to action but I make no demands. If you wish to share please do. If you wish to leave a comment please do. Whatever though, thank you for reading and I hope to see you again.



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  1. iPhone photography - social media sharing | Ski... says:

    […] iPhone photography and social media very often go hand in hand. Many iPhoneography apps have built in social sharing functionality. I focus on Instagram.  […]

  2. Peter Bryenton says:

    Thanks for sharing your recipe. I’ll try using it.

  3. […] iPhone photography and social media very often go hand in hand. Many iPhoneography apps have built in social sharing functionality. In some cases the social media capability far exceeds the photographic functionality of the app.  […]

  4. dieuwke says:

    Hi Skip, thanks so much for sharing this! My image posting is so chaotic I’m sure your post will help a lot.

  5. StickyQuote says:

    Thanks Skip for sharing this is very useful info.

  6. Thanks for sharing this info, Skip. I just recently found IFTTT and it has changed my life. It’s so much work remembering to post this here and that there. I am using lots of recipes to simplify things now, including:

    (1) Tweet my Flickr and Instagram posts
    (2) Tweet anything I favorite on Flickr and Instagram
    (3) Get email reminders to post on photo challenge blogs when a new photo challenge is issued
    (4) Get email notifications when a specific Instagram hashtag has been used
    (5) Automatically backup photos to Skydrive when I put them in a Dropbox folder
    (6) Instagram posts become Tumblr blog photo posts
    (7) Anything I add to Pocket goes to my Buffer for sharing on Twitter

    • Skip says:

      Hi Kristen, my pleasure. Doesn’t sound like you’ve learnt anything new from this article! I like the background stuff you do. I noticed that the most used IFTTT recipe keeps your Facebook and Twitter avatars in sync. Might have to take a look at that.

  7. Craig says:

    Since finding you on G+ it’s been like a fall down the rabbit hole. Amazing images, illuminating workflows, good app recommendations and now IFTTT!
    Is it the IFTTT App you use?

    • Skip says:

      Hi Craig my friend thank you! I’m just pleased you enjoy and they help. Re IFTTT you can do more from the website so I tend to set my recipes up on the web but yes I do also use IFTTT app to manage them occasionally. I don’t use IFTTT with G+ though, that’s all manual posting (but only one a day at most normally).

  8. Peter Bryenton says:

    I agree with you about the impact of having the image visible on the tweet. I also believe that people scrolling through their Twitter feed for whom English is not their first language, a photo is less likely to be skipped (pun intended, ha-ha). That is true in reverse, where the photographer tweets in a language I don’t know. Global village mind of thing.

  9. Peter Bryenton says:

    not mind of thing but kind of thing (fat finger trouble, sorry).

    • Skip says:

      Haha Peter, thank you. I’m pleased I’m not the only one with that problem. Twitter got quite interesting with Twitter Cards – something that as a WordPress blogger passed me by and I had to set up (just recently). Flickr images are automatically added to the Tweet when Tweeted so really it’s just a case of figuring out which channels have ‘issues’ and (normally) using IFTTT to sort it out.

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