Instagram is a sharing network I use daily. It’s great for square images but what if you want to share portrait or landscape ratio iPhoneography images?

Although I prefer square images just occasionally I like to share a portrait or landscape image through Instagram. It’s disappointing that Instagram dictates the ratio rather than allowing the composition of the image to.

instagram non-square image - daisy

In the next workflow I would like to share I have moved away from square to portrait purely because the composition of the work dictated it. Ahead of that workflow it seemed sensible to discuss sharing images such as this to Instagram.

I’ve come up with 4 ways to share non-square images on Instagram.

The sample image used in this article was captured in ProCamera7 and converted to black and white using an adjusted VSCOcam preset. The diasy image will be the subject of my next workflow.

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iPhone photography apps used:

instagram - portrait / landscape

{ instagram – portrait / landscape images }



Share to Instagram from an app

I have noticed that if you open the image in a compatible app and share it to Instagram directly the image is centered on the square white canvas and not cropped. If you open the image directly in Instagram you have no option other than cropping it square. Not all apps are compatible and so some trial and error is required. The screenshots below are from PhotoToaster by East Coast Pixels.


Use a favourite app to add canvas

My own favourite app for manipulating both image size (re-scaling) and adding canvas (to create a square image for example) is the original Filterstorm. The screenshots below are from Filterstorm.


Use Squaready to automate adding canvas

Squaready is a free (with adverts) iPhoneography app or has a paid version without ads. It makes your images square either by cropping or by adding canvas. It saves in a number of resolutions and both JPEG and PNG format.


Update: Thank you to Luke who suggests whitagram for this functionality in his comment. Cheers Luke, the recommendation is much appreciated.



Use a frame effect iPhoneography app

An iPhoneography app such as Superslides includes some great frames which will turn a portrait image into a square one. In the case of landscape images with this specific app, it will be necessary to temporarily rotate the image through 90 degrees in an app such as Snapseed or Filterstorm before adding the frame and then rotate it back afterwards. This is because Superslide frames are all either square or portrait orientated.



This image will be the subject of my next iPhoneography workflow.



Get the iPhoneography apps mentioned in this article

Apps used for sharing landscape or portrait iPhoneography images on Instagram:

  • Instagram recently upgraded with more subtle and controllable filters but regarded by me primarily as a mobile photography sharing app

  • PhotoToaster a top quality iPhoneography editing app used in this article as an example of an app capable of exporting landscape or portrait images directly to Instagram without cropping

  • Filterstorm a very powerful desktop style image editing app. Used in this article as an example of manually adjusting canvas size to create a square image

  • Squaready iPhoneography app is available in ad and ad free versions. Automatically adds canvas to create square images

  • Superslides adds slide style borders to create square images out of portrait orientated images

Apps used for other iPhoneography processes in this article:

  • ProCamera 7 to capture the example image

  • VSCOcam used to convert the capture to black and white


I hope you found my comments on sharing non-square images to Instagram useful. Please consider subscribing to receive an email notification when I put these tricks to use. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you again.



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  1. Instagram - 4 ways to share portrait or landsca... says:

    […] Instagram is a sharing network I use daily. It's great for square images but what if you want to share portrait or landscape ratio iPhoneography images?  […]

  2. Luke says:

    I really like the app whiteagram. It easily adds canvas around your photo as described above.

    Plus, unlike other apps that do the same thing, whiteagram will save the metadata from the original image. This is expecially useful with the GPS data and adding a location to the photo in instagram.

    • Paul Brown says:

      Fantastic Luke thank you. There is never a right way but it’s great to exchange ideas with people who are willing to share. I will edit and add you recommendation. I enjoyed your blog. Beautiful images and congratulations on your Farmers Market successes – I hope Sunday’s is equally successful.

      • Luke says:

        Thanks, Paul! I really enjoy your site as well. I have been learning a lot by reading your very detailed tutorials. Thank you for those!

  3. […] Instagram is a sharing network I use daily. It's great for square images but what if you want to share portrait or landscape ratio iPhoneography images? Here's how.  […]

  4. Tracy Mitchell Griggs says:

    The tutorials are great for app stacking workflow – I was looking for a more detailed tutorial for just superimpose – I literally need a micro step by step explanation designed for 5 year olds 🙂

    As for IG non square uploading, I use an app called Cropix – load the image there and upload to IG – no messing around or changing the original image – seems to work.

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