My iPhoneography image ‘The Happy Cousins’ is a texture blended / painterly image processed to give it the impression of a painted Victorian seaside scene.

The Backstory as I explained to iPhoneography Central is that I was letting the cousins play naturally capturing what happened. No direction. I thought their clothes gave quite a vintage feel to the scene

I decided to go for on old Victorian painting feel rather than a vintage photograph.

The process was just to get various versions of the same image, in this case Oggl, Glaze, Handy Photo. Glaze provided the under-painted layer and then detail was added back by blending the other versions under various blend methods and finally the Oggl version frame was added back by masking. All blending and masking in Superimpose.

iPhone photography apps used:

{ the happy cousins on flickr }



I am delighted that ‘The Happy Cousins’ has been featured by these great mobile photography blogs and organisations:

The App Whisperer

See the feature together with other featured images at theappwhisperer.

We have just finished this weeks’ Flickr Group Showcase and it’s totally mesmerizing, full of beautiful wintry images from around the world represented with landscapes, street photography, portraiture and still life, it’s all here.

Joanne ~ TheAppWhisperer


iPhoneography Central

See the feature together with other featured images at iPhoneography Central.

This week’s Apps Uncovered includes a great range of imagery, from still life and architectural to landscape / street and the surreal (with a baby picture thrown in to round things out). Aaron Campbell leads off with an amazing image, appropriate to the season, of a frozen waterfall in Pennsylvania. Other contributors include new favorite Brandon Kidwell, David Ingraham (a contibuting artist in our book and Southern California musical sensation), RobinLDN, Mel Harrison (Mahogany Turtle), Lynette Jackson (also a book contributor), JenG (PiecesofmeJen), Skip (Skipology), Nick Adams, Cedric Blanchon, Anne Highfield, Chris Stern.

Bob Weil ~ iPhoneography Central


Art of Mob

See the feature together with other featured images at Art of Mob.

I’ve had a few very nice compliments about Art of Mob lately from people in the community – those people probably don’t know how their nice words made my day! I may never reach 100,000 hits a day especially since I don’t pay attention to keywords and SEO. My goal however isn’t to be the most popular kid on the block, but to share the creative work being done strictly with mobile devices and honoring the many artists who pour their hearts into their work. If you enjoy Art of Mob, please spread the word! Tweet this post…Pin it…Facebook it! Let’s get the word out on just how much you can do with that phone in your pocket!

Geri Centonze ~ Art of Mob


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