I am really honoured and delighted to be included amongst an incredibly talented group of mobile photography artists by being a founder artist at ‘The New Era Museum’.

If you are on EyeEm you may have noticed various albums beginning ‘NEM’. These are New Era Museum Actions. More details can be found on ‘The New Era Museum’ website (new window) together with more information about the Group.

My own gallery is viewable at http://neweramuseum.org/paul-brown/. If you visit please take the time to browse the other wonderful collections. You will see why I am so humbled to be included.


About The new Era Museum

The New Era Museum’s mission is to “Promote the creation of visual art on mobile devices, in order to spread a form of active thought, which will help to build a new era in society, a new culture, and free our artistic expression even further.”

Read more about The New Era Museum’s Manifesto.


The New Era Museum… related information

‘Memories’ featured by The New Era Museum

I was honoured that my iPhoneography image ‘Memories’ which I submitted to the NEM weekly challenge ‘Memories’ on EyeEm was selected to be featured.

‎”The more you love a memory, the stronger and stranger it is”(V.Nabokov). Paul Brown reminds us in this luscious vision that memories and dreams are made of the same essence, delivering a fine example of mental geometry.

Davide Capponi

iPhoneography memories

Memories is a composite of 3 previously published iPhoneography images layered and blended via Superimpose. Additional texture was added via Snapseed before a dramatic atmosphere was added via Rainy Daze. Finally, the image was converted to black and white with boosted contrast via Snapseed.


See ‘Memories’ together with the other 7 featured images at New Era Museum.

See the entire NEM Memories Gallery at EyeEm.


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