Commencing today, together with 59 other mobile photographers I will be exhibiting 5 images at the Exposure exhibition at Columbus Ohio.

The exhibition features 5 images each from a total of 60 mobile photographers. 30 are from the Ohio area and the other 30 have been chosen to represent the rest of the world via a curated submission and selection process.

Exhibited overseas

This will be the first time I have been exhibited outside of the United Kingdom.

It is a huge honour for me to have been chosen and I am grateful to the organisers for seeing the potential in my images. The images are available for purchase via the exhibition / gallery.




{ exposure mobile photography exhibition }



Images Exhibited

The exhibition neither encourages nor discourages images to be submitted as a collection. The images I selected to exhibit were captured across a wide time-frame and so in appearance at least certainly do not form a cohesive collection. However, I chose them because they represent my two sources of inspiration, family and location. It’s a real privilege for me to share my Lincoln and my family with the mobile photography community and others who visit the exhibition. It is amazing to think that they are being viewed alongside the images of so many of the friends I’ve made around the globe through this amazing art form.


There is a wonderful write up about Exposure in a two page spread in ‘Columbus Alive’ which I am delighted features one of my images (see image 4)…

Judging from the beautiful complexity in these photographs — from hypnotically abstract to compositionally flawless — “Exposure” more than proves that excellence can be achieved with a mobile device. Anyone can do mobile photography, but to excel at it and create fine art is a unique challenge.

Read the rest of the article at Columbus Alive.



{ exposure mobile photography exhibition – 1 }



{ exposure mobile photography exhibition – 2 }



{ exposure mobile photography exhibition – 3 }



{ exposure mobile photography exhibition – 4 }



{ exposure mobile photography exhibition – 5 }


About Exposure

Co-founded by Amy Leibrand (@_thisspace_) and Daniel Colvin (CS Gallery), EXPOSURE: A Mobile Photography Exhibition is a juried exhibit held each March at CS Gallery in Columbus, Ohio, USA. The first exhibit in 2013 was a resounding success despite a power outage during the opening reception that fittingly left patrons to view the artworks by the light of their smartphones.

Dates for the 2014 exhibit are set for March 15 – 26, 2014, with the opening reception 7-10 pm, Saturday, March 15.

The annual exhibit features the work of 60 new and acclaimed artists — split about evenly between Ohio and global artists – whose diverse views and voices are expressed through mobile devices. EXPOSURE illustrates the limitless possibilities of mobile art, shatters preconceived notions about the genre, and demonstrates that a desire to push boundaries can spark a global movement to redefine photography.

For more information please visit the event website


I hope you enjoyed my iPhone photography images. Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you again.




  1. Chris Smith says:

    Unless it’s me most of images that you are exhibiting aren’t showing in your post. Congratulations on being selected though.

    As I’m from the UK can you recommend the best events in the UK that showcase mobile photography?



    • Paul Brown says:

      Hi Chris, I am just diving out but will respond. Apologies. I mentioned that I’ll update the article tomorrow following the launch event tonight. I didn’t think I should add my images before launch although the single image was used for promotion which is why I shared it now. Sorry to confuse.

    • Paul Brown says:

      Hi Chris, it turns out I have 35 mins. It is a bit of a case of keeping your ear to the ground really. Most events are mentioned in the same places unless you stumble across them via friends. I’ll apologise in advance if you are aware but some of the places I gather events news from include:

      an open group on Facebook ‘Call for Entries’ …

      AMPt and Mobitog Communities (both are active on Facebook too)

      ShooterMag – which has a UK editorial head and potentially FLTR (which is by the same folks as the British Journal of Photography)

      I am also admin for a small Facebook Group – Smart Photography Collective – we normally have an exhibition based in Lincoln although may be taking a year out this year.

      It tends to split into 2 groups – pay to submit and be considered or free to submit and be considered. I avoid the pay to submit ones just because the commercial aspect worries me. On the flip side there is very valid logic that only people who are really serious about their mobile photography / art will enter and so the curators have less lower quality images to trawl through. That’s just a personal thing.

      Sorry I can’t be more specific. I suspect I miss much more than I see.

  2. Tracey Renehan says:

    Congratulations, Paul!

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