My textured floral still life iPhoneography image ‘Daisies’ has been featured by both Mortal Muses and The App Whisperer this weekend. Thank you!

The process behind this floral workflow is:

  • ProCamera7 – Capture the daisies against a plain background.

  • Snapseed – Crop to a 1:1 ratio.

  • Snapseed – Drama brighten filter manually adjusted.

  • Snapseed – Grunge filter manually adjusted.

  • Stackables – Bespoke formula created.

  • Superimpose – Snapseed drama version blended over the Stackables version to reintroduce some colour (color blend mode). Floral textured images are all about finding the balance between texture and colour.

  • Snapseed – Vintage style 1 filter applied.

  • Stackables – Snowflake overlay applied (Soft Light blend mode at around 70pct).

I am honoured to have my floral image showcased. Thank you.


iPhone photography apps used:

{ daisies on flickr }



Mortal Muses – The feature

Really honoured that my image ‘Daisies’ has been featured by @MortalMuses thank you!

See the feature together with other featured images at Mortal Muses.

Life has been…quite a bit to process of late. I’m coming through the other side, but I’m finding myself in search of quiet spaces. Both literal and figurative. So in looking through the amazing photos in the Mobile Monday Flickr pool taken by YOU, our Mortal Muses community, I was seeking out some quiet moments. And wow, did I find images that resonated with me, that helped me dig a little deeper into the hushed spaces for which I am longing. Shhh…

Meghan ~ Mortal Muses


The App Whisperer – The feature

Really honoured that my image ‘Daisies’ has been featured by @TheAppWhisperer thank you!

See the feature together with other featured images at The App Whisperer.

Wow, we have just published this weeks’ Flickr Group Showcase and once again it’s filled with incredible mobile photography and art images from around the globe. It is a huge joy to curate and view your images and to present them in this format for us all to appreciate even more. Each and every image that is uploaded to our flickr group is very carefully viewed and considered and of course, highly respected. Thank you all for contributing each week for our viewing pleasure, we value you all.

Thank you also for all the kind messages I have received following my major surgery. Today is day 19, which I find hard to believe. I am doing well, some days are easier than others, some days are quite hard, each day I make progress. This was a very extensive operation, I have a lot of internal healing to do before I’m running around but I am doing very well, thank you all. x

Joanne ~ The App Whisperer


UPDATE: Stackables app has been retired since this image was created.

There are a number of possible alternative apps. My recommendation is Mextures. Mextures and Stackables are similar in both appearance and workflow. Specifically, just like Stackables, Mextures comes supplied with multiple textures, effects and filters which can be applied in a limitless combination. The formula can then be saved for repeated application to any number of iPhone images.

View my Mextures workflows.

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  1. Marsha says:

    lovely…thanks for the step-by-step I have snapseed but will have to investigate an android equivalent for stackables.
    I won my android phone so I just have to make-do!!

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