Thirty Six

Thirty Six app brings the care and anticipation of film photography to the iPhone. Remember the days when you were extra careful about clicking the shutter because each exposure was valuable? Remember when you could not ‘Chimp’ the image immediately? That’s what Thirty Six app does. You load a virtual film and only when you’ve filled it do you virtually process it and get to see all 36 iPhoneography images both in a single contact sheet and as individual images for the first time. A great app for some additional anticipation and for documenting an event.
Rating (all versions): 4 (26 ratings).
Rating (current version): 5 (5 ratings).
Current Price: USD1.99.
Where there are iPhone and iPad apps, rating data and pricing relate to the iPhone app.

A lovely little app that brings the joy of film to the iPhone.

Unlike most digital cameras, Thirty Six doesn’t allow you to peek at the photos you just snapped until you are ready to develop the 36-exposure roll (or if you want to shoot square, a 12-exposure roll).

Why would we do such a thing?

Well, we think slowing down the process and having you think about what you want to shoot will make you a better photographer.

Once you’ve finished your roll, the selection process begins.

Traditionally with film this would be done with a contact sheet. With a simple double touch, you select a photo you like, and triple touch for a photo you love.

Who knew that a few taps on the screen could be so much fun?

Once you're done selecting, you can then share it with friends via email, Facebook and Twitter, of course. And now you can even back it all up to Dropbox and sync it with Adobe Lightroom via Adobe Creative Cloud.

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