Textured painterly floral iPhoneography image. At this time of year it’s so cold outside and this year for some reason Winter seems determined to hang around for as long as possible. Here in England we’ve had very little clear sky so we’re getting the double whammy of dull grey days and the bitter Easterly winds.

The good news is that in our household we have lots to celebrate at this time of year. Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, Mothers Day and now Easter. Lots of excuses for a procession of cut flowers to brighten things up. It also means I can keep my fingers nice and warm in their gloves and flex my iPhoneography muscle indoors.

iPhone photography apps used:

chrysanthemum - iphoneography

{ chrysanthemum }


Process and apps used

ProCamera ~ Initial capture:

As always with my still life shots, I aim for an uncluttered clean background by shooting against a back-lit opaque window. Via ProCamera, I set the exposure in a darker area aiming to expose the flower and ‘blow out’ the background.

iphoneography - procamera

Filterstorm ~ crop square and resize to 2,000 x 2,000 pixel resolution:

Almost always stage 2 of my standard iPhoneography workflow, cropping and maximising resolution at the earliest possible stage before other filters and textures are applied:

filterstorm - crop / resize

Snapseed ~ Drama filter applied which tends to enhance the differences in the ‘whiteness’ of the background. These are corrected by applying numerous selective adjust points, maximising brightness and reducing contrast:

snapseed - drama / selective adjust

Snapseed ~ Grunge applied in a random way until something that appeals appears. Once an effect I like materialises I tweak the settings, normally minimising texture to a low level and given the painterly result I’m aiming for, boosting saturation often to 100pct:

snapseed - grunge

Snapseed ~ Center Focus ‘Portrait 2’ preset applied:

snapseed - center focus / portrait 2

Modern Grunge ~ one of my presets applied { image one }:

modern grunge - x1

Modern Grunge ~ one of my presets applied to image one { image two }:

modern grunge - x2

Superimpose ~ Image one imported as background and image two imported as foreground. A mask created using a combination of the gradient tool and the ellipse tool feathered to 100pct. Layers blended under ‘normal’ at 50pct opacity:

superimpose - iphoneography

Superimpose ~ What on earth are you talking about Skip??? Please see the attached screenshots and also refer to my Superimpose video tutorials to see this process in action:

superimpose - radial gradient / ellipse / 100pct feather

superimpose - blend 50pct normal

ScratchCam ~ effects added:

scratchcam - iphoneography

PicFX ~ PFX filter applied at 25pct to add a slight pink tone:

picfx - PFX filter / 25pct / pink


Shortlink: http://wp.me/p31VpY-y0

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  1. Livingsta says:

    This is so pretty! Lovely colours and thank you for sharing this workflow with us.
    Have a good Easter!

  2. Chris Smith says:

    Really loving your floral series (and in fact all of your work). Nice to get a glimpse of nature whilst we wait for this freezing or rainy weather to move on.

    Can I ask with your saved presets in modern grunge do you just find something you like and save it or do you create presets in a more methodical way? Also, do you know why I can’t pinch and zoom your screen grabs? (I’m looking at your website on an ipad).

    Fantastic website though, love the layout and as I say really enjoying your pictures.

    • Skip says:

      Hi Chris thank you – really delighted you are enjoying. I’m really ready for warm weather, I want to get out and about a bit more to tap away!
      1. Re Modern Grunge, I tend to use it a bit like Grunge in Snapseed – tap the ‘change’ button until I see something I like but then I’ll go to ‘adjust’ and edit what’s been generated – so part random and part methodical.
      2. Re pinching and zooming my blog is based on the Twitter Bootstrap so it is adaptive to the device viewed on. I guess it’s a cross between an app and a website when viewed on iPad. The downside is that you can’t pinch / zoom. Do you think some of the images are a little small? I could probably set up a link so that they open in lightbox when tapped.

      • Chris Smith says:

        Hi Skip. It would be good to be able to click on an image and see a larger version. I guess I like to compare what’s changed between steps and its a little hard to see sometimes.

        • Skip says:

          OK thank you Chris. I can’t do this in retrospect. The images are displaying full size but for future posts I’ll test linking to larger images. Sounds like a good idea.

  3. Oh that little bit of pink was a great little boost to the final colour

  4. Geoff White says:

    This is a fantastic site, great tutorials and very awesome photos, thank you so much.

  5. Geraldsob says:

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