PhotoForge2 is an iPhoneography app with many desktop editing style features. This is my go to app for multiple layering (up to 5 at a time) and variable opacity masking. I also use some predefined effects such as bulge. (Discontinued).

iPhoneography workflow – { ink blot test }

An iPhoneography doodle. I started out with an idea in mind but it ended up dragging me all over the place. Subtitled ‘bringing the crazy out to play’. What do you see? Bonus ink blot test included.

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iPhoneography applications { most used }

As my iPhoneography evolves I thought it was worth analysing which apps I use the most? I’ve written enough workflows now to make a little initial analysis worthwhile. Any hidden gems? Worth a read.

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iPhoneography workflow { shelter }

One of the challenges with iPhoneography is that unless your subject is really close it is quite difficult to mimic depth of field (or depth of focus) which is achieved with traditional camera technology via control of aperture settings. During this tutorial I will use AfterFocus to mimic depth of field and will devote some space to look at it in a little more detail.

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iPhoneography – PhotoForge2 { layers, masking and blending }

My image { you and me } is very much a doodle ~ they often are. PhotoForge2 layering, masking and blending was only used right at the end of the process but it was so critical to this image that I wanted to take a slightly more in-depth look at the process.

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