Oggl is created by the people behind Hipstamatic and provides the same variety of lens and film combinations. The main difference between the two iPhoneography apps is that whilst the lens and film combination with Hipstamatic must be selected before the image is captured, within Oggl images can either be captured or imported and then the lens and film combination selected afterwards. Both apps work in partnership beautifully and both have large and active communities associated with them. Oggl is very much the son of Hipstamatic.

iPhone photography – 10 must have iPhoneography apps

My go to iPhoneography apps. I tend to share my more complex iPhone photography. Perhaps the iPhone apps that I use day to day get ignored. Here they are.

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iPhone photography tutorial – { school run }

I am lucky enough to be able to do the school run occasionally. It can be a beautiful time of the day with a magical quality of light. I generally shy away from photographing near the school environment, even discreetly using iPhone photography. I finally got a suitable opportunity.

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iPhoneography workflow – { urban dweller }

Recently during my iPhoneography exploits I’ve been messing around with slightly covert capture methods. This iPhone photography tutorial discusses what I’ve been up to and looks at straightening in some detail.

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iPhoneography painterly workflow – { Mrs Whistler? }

Street iPhoneography is my favourite genre but it rarely gives me the opportunity to process in my preferred painterly / texture blended style. ‘Mrs Whistler?’ gave me an opportunity to combine both genres in a single image.

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